Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 4th July 2017.

A séance can be a useful basis from which to base notes and summarise on evidence.  If properly prepared, checked and held then an investigation can provide analysis, thoughts and responses to what may have been experienced or queried during the séance itself.

Objectivity is an important part of a séance.  Many claims of experiences can be individual and this then has to be questioned or if in the example of a multiple experience then investigated as for possible explanation of what has been seen, heard or felt.  In investigating certain ideas, thoughts and suggestions can be ruled out and then if the activity or experience is unexplained it can be noted as such.

In the séance there was a lot of interest in Orbs.  These bright blue lights were seen as disks in shape and seen for a few seconds in duration each.  There were several of them and interestingly when they were seen it was possible to look into where and at what time they were notable, investigation was made and there was nothing to have caused the lights to be seen in equipment or anything else that could be noted.  The Orbs have to be mentioned did appear over and by members.

Messages could be validated by members as from individual spirits of loved ones and known people from lives to them.  The medium passed these messages on to different members and with each came varied means of dispersing memories and what appeared to be meaningful thoughts.  The memories came from validated names and events.

The medium talked of several spirits.  Amongst the information was reference to a male spirit, someone who talked at length with members in the séance.  During the references there were several pieces of validated information that was thought of and stated as evidence about him and later a female spirit spoke of certain loved animals.  These animals were significant in regards to specific information that had a meaning for the member of the séance.

Noises were heard during the investigation on and over the objects that had been put out on a table.  These noises were noted because while several people heard them and that area could be seen, nothing was visible to have shown as for why the sounds were heard in the séance.

It was interesting to note what was passed between spirits and members in each message and why it was explained as evidence.  What was intriguing was that while every spirit was able to give defining information that did mean something, each messages was individual and full of poignant but unique representations or reminders of a life lived.  It is important for the séance to be objectively viewed by what was noted as unexplained activity and to this mind several odd experiences of visual sightings and noises were investigated but found to have no explanation as for cause from inside or outside of the room where the séance was held.