Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Circle on the 19th November 2013.

In the pursuit of exploring our Research into supposed Spirit Materialisation we have used a number of methods whilst sitting under objective and checked circle settings.

The conditions of a home circle are vital as it is whilst members are sitting in this séance location they report seeing, hearing or sensing psi activity.  Throughout history and particularly in the Victorian years circles became the one methodology by which most linked mediums, spirit evidence and proof were verified.

The parapsychology behind an investigation into psi activity is intriguing.  Without any encouragement other than a keen aim to understand spirit claims better, there have been many London based explorations into phenomena which seemed a reality for many in the eighteen hundreds.

The circle was aimed to be the link that mediums of a physical nature would use as a means to communicate, channel and bring spirit bodies into a mode that everyone could see.

Today the physical circle is put into action in much the same way, although to negate any issues related to verified proof of what occurs, a lot of the problems highlighted by psychologists about conscious imprinting of events, darkened rooms and object switching we conduct our sittings with an aim in providing substantiated relatable conclusion.

Recently we have been fortunate in gathering proof from spirit about ectoplasm.  The photos included in the two accounts have been directly found after a circle has sat with specific interest as it was a response to the materialisation idea posed to spirit.

At the beginning of each circle a sweep is performed to check all items and location of everything.  Mediums will be sat in only what they need for a sitting but without any electrical implements and the room although not overly lit will have a low red light.

The red light is turned on because as opposed to many of the circles which were organised in earlier years it is still felt that a lower light will produce more spirit physical and the mist is easier seen without electric lighting though we do not sit in a dark room which was a difficulty expressed by psychologists of the era because they believed it could blur events.

With the red box everything can be seen and more importantly all the sitters can see one another so it makes it much more evidential to all when something moves.

We ensure that open transparency is fact for every sitting.  We keep a record of incidents, ask questions about the cause for what has been touched or moved to have been so and try to verify proof by if it correlates with something which has been put forward by participants in a two hourly session.

Observing items and making sure that if an activity is noticed it is seen by more than one member is an important aspect of what we do.  Parapsychology directs one to asking about everything, if an apparition is seen, has more than one person seen it, where has it been seen and could there be another reason for it.  Once all plausible explanations have been looked into and if the notable sight still points towards supposed spirit materialisation then one must investigate the factors which have led to such a report.

In the process of investigating spirit and the interaction of energies we have intentionally added independent photographs so that one can interpret the substance which has been caught by the lens.  In this report I would like to address the analysis and system used as members sit in a séance as it is this basis upon which all of our entries are based.  Through a number of photos, multiple statements taken from various members of the séance and significant marks, defined lines or prints made by spiritual hands and seen proof we have put emphasis on what can be classified, referenced or allows for an opinion with the collaboration of para psychology and spiritual material in this ground breaking research.

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