Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 13th June 2017.

These notes from a séance include what was claimed, investigated and experienced.  This is the blog on the events and encounters of members and medium.

Messages were the focus for the first part of the investigation.  In the séance the medium gave members different personalised messages from spirit individuals that seemed to include events from their lives, specific personality based evidence of those who gave the information was validated because of how the references were noted.  Particulars of people and why this was important all became significant as what was claimed as meaningful messages were passed on to members.

There were claims of noises from particular objects that had been put out.  The objects had been chosen because they could be easily touched or set off for noise and they were visible to all throughout the investigation.  That is why when noises did appear to be noted, it was interesting to look at the timing of them.  The noises were noticed after spirits had been described by the medium.  They were only notable for a short time but they were distinct.

While the next experience was not verifiable by mode of investigation, it was identifiable as a claimed feeling by many who sat in the séance. There was a happy almost satisfying feeling that was experienced by the members and this lasted for a short time.  It could perhaps be explained by the messages that had been given but it was a collective feeling and did feature as a part of the séance.

The medium spoke of a collective set of individuals in spirit.  There were comedians from an age old era to that of the years recent to when the séance was sat.  There were three individuals from film and this was specific to two gentleman actors and a female actress. Oddly that happy feeling was indicated but this time though the information about what the spirits gave as a reference.  They talked of having had the time to watch over loved ones, to have had time to think about what they have been able to do in their lives and how they can importantly be there for those who are significant to them.

It was a séance that was able to achieve investigation into claims of activity, there were noises and specific messages that could be thoroughly questioned and time given to investigate why and how these experiences were noted.  Members felt that the messages were not only able to indicate particular people who were important to them from their lives but also to refer to recent events that had taken place for them.

A séance, if fully checked and claims investigated, can be a most intriguing example to refer to because objective evidence can be gained.  In this séance there were several examples of unexplained activity that did intrigue and members referred to the messages from spirit individuals to them as being useful and poignant.