Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 6th June 2017.

A séance of unexplained activity, particular noises and lights were noticed in the first part of the investigation.  Having noticed noises on and near to the objects that had been put out, no explanation could be found as for why they had been set off.  There was nothing inside or outside of the room to explain the noises or the orbs that were seen near to members, these lights were small and round.  Each of the lights were seen for a few seconds.

The medium gave a seemingly significant message to several of the members and there was what was said to be a personal and poignant reminder of the spirit individual who had given the information in a smell that was evocative of their life.  Both the message itself and the scent was validated by the members in the séance as for who the person was and later what the meaning of the unexplained activity was.

Messages continued to pass between spirits and individual members via the medium in the séance.  These messages then led to the medium talking of a male actor and references were given as for someone believed to be Robert Oliver Reed (13 February 1938 – 2 May 1999) an English actor known for his upper-class, hellraiser lifestyle, and “tough guy” roles.  In the séance the male spirit would have a memorable date mentioned and he talked about the frenetic pace of life, sometimes he said contemplation was needed so as one could appreciate what was important.

It was interesting to be able to note that the medium spoke of several female spirits who gave a reference to a regal position in lives and to their presence in the séance.

Exploring the unexplained activity was useful in focusing on what could not be and what could be possible explanations as for noted occurrences.  The timing of the activity was noted as to be dispersed throughout the séance.  The collective response to the activity was useful to see because several members could all note claims of activity at a similar time.  This all became the basis for conclusions made about the experiences and opinions of the investigation.  Any séance can only be as objective as the regulations and members ensure for it to be and a thorough evaluation of anything that had been noted gave an occasion to be exact about the noticed events.