Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 30th May 2017.

Notes taken in a séance are of what has happened in that specific time set period.  What members have seen, heard and experienced will be noted.  The spoken of by spirits and speech given names and references will be taken down for further research.  Inclusion of any information will be fact of what has occurred.

The séance was able to witness many unexplained noises and cracking sounds.  At the beginning of the investigation specific messages were given from individual spirits to members.  Information in the messages could be validated by those who received the memory and event references.  An Orb was seen at this precise time, an unexplained light, and no explanation as for this activity could be found.

A male spirit was spoken of by the medium and information was given about a man thought to be Sir Henry Cooper OBE KSG (3 May 1934 – 1 May 2011) an English heavyweight boxer known for the power that he had in his left hook, “Enry’s ‘Ammer”, and his knockdown of the young Muhammad Ali.  In life Cooper held the British, Commonwealth and European heavyweight titles several times throughout his career, and unsuccessfully challenged Ali in the 1966 world heavyweight championship.

In the séance this gentleman was noted in spirit with a particular reference for being proud of his age and having wisdom in years.  Important issues that he had once thought of as so significant he was less stressed about and he talked of this.  Following his retirement from the sport, Cooper continued his career as a television and radio personality.  He was enormously popular in Britain: he was the first (and is today one of just four people) to twice win the public vote for the BBC Spots Personality of the Year Award and is thus far thought to be known as the only boxer to be awarded a knighthood.

It was as the medium spoke of an American actor and more references were given that it was known that the male spirit seen was that of Vincent Leonard Price Jr. (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and his performances in horror films.  His career spanned other genres, including film noir, mystery, thriller, drama and comedy.  He appeared on stage, radio, television and in more than one hundred films.

Vincent Price Jr was extremely knowledgeable in history and was an expert consultant and collector in art.  A founder of the Vincent Price Art Museum in California and was noted most highly for his motion pictures and work in television.  In the séance the gentleman spoke of love and its importance in his life.  Beauty was seen by him and was important to him because life he felt needed to be filled with beautiful reminders of what can be achieved.

Many of the spirits noted in the séance were keen to talk about history and how age was important to them because it brought with it beauty.  It was intriguing to note how the séance seemed to be experienced in different parts.  There was unexplained activity, significant emotional messages and a latter part of the séance that introduced dialogue and spoken of images about specific individuals in spirit who also spoke of the importance of history for them.  This combination of speech and thoughts from spirit individuals did give a sense of them that was of interest because it was untold of ideas and concepts that they could reference.  It gave an impression of individuals to the members that did appear sincere and unlike anything else.