Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 18th April 2017.

A séance is, from an investigation point of view, a basis from which to explore any findings and evidence.  In collating what may have been seen, heard, felt or having occurred there can be interesting explanations as for how and why.

The séance started as spirits were seen, spoken of by the medium and referred to by means of information through messages.  Many children in spirit and loved ones who were known of in life were referenced and as this was validated by the members who knew them, noises were heard in tapping sounds over the table that had been laid out.

The medium talked of a male spirit, information was given that referred to an Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658) an English military and political leader who was later Lord protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.  It was important, the male spirit interjected through speech about him, that the dates of his life be spoken about.

Sid James (born Solomon Joel Cohen; 8 May 1913 – 26 April 1976) a South African-born British actor and comedian was talked about by the medium.  It was the male spirit of the actor who was seen and the name of Cohen that first came through.

Appearing in British films from 1947, Sid James was cast in numerous small and supporting roles into the 1960s.  It was when he was associated with being Tony Hancock’s co-star in Hancock’s Half Hour, first in the radio series and later when it was adapted for television and ran from 1956 until 1960 that his profile raised.  Afterwards, he became known as a regular performer in the Carry On films, appearing in 19 films of the series with the top billing role in 17 (in the other two he was cast below Frankie Howerd).  Sid James starring roles in television sitcoms continued successfully for the rest of his life.  He starred alongside Diana Coupland in the 1970s sitcom Bless This House which aired from 1971 until James passed in 1976.

Both spirits in the latter part of the séance were referenced, though detailed information about them was researched after the séance itself.

Smells were depicted in the séance and these were particular aromas that could be defined and explained as for how they fitted in as important for spirits known to actual members in the investigation.

There were no explanations as for how the earlier sounds were heard from any equipment or person who could have set them off.  Similarly smells should not have been smelt during the time in which the claims of them were made.

It was a séance that held a lot of significance for individuals and when they achieved notable landmarks in their particular lives.  Evidence was noted on speech from claimed spirits, thoughts and unexplained activity that occurred as the investigation was in progress.  It was a séance that felt active and many notes were made on how members could validate what was individually apparent to them about messages and the activity that was seen.