Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 28th March 2017.

A séance can be a means as for investigating reports of unexplained activity in a real time setting and for exploring evidence further.

These are notes from what happened during the séance.  In the séance messages were validated from sitters as being from their loved ones in spirit.  It was through a combination of information, sayings and particular known of incidents from their history that validations were given and the messages noted as evidence.

Orbs were seen and these were circular lights that could not be explained as having originated from any equipment inside or outside of the room.  The séance noted unexplained smells and during a conversation about a certain person who has passed to spirit there was a distinct knock heard from the top of a table that had been put out for the investigation.

The medium spoke of a female spirit, a lady who had been in comedies and was known for the role she had by many.  There was information and appearance links to that of a Shirley Rosemary Stelfox (11 April 1941 – 7 December 2015) an English television actress.  She is perhaps most known for her portrayal of Edna Birch in a Yorkshire village for the popular British soap opera Emmerdale and as Rose Walton, sister of the snobby and somewhat intimidating Hyacinth Bucket in the first season of the comedy series Keeping Up Appearances.  The success of the soap she had performed in has made her a household name in Britain and further to this Stelfox has appeared in virtually every British television soap opera over a fifty-year period.  In the séance the lady was keen to evidence her appearance as with longer hair that sat in a slight curl down either side of her face and she was eager to talk about a person who she felt had been a loving person by her side through her life.  Being known of as someone who appreciated humour was important for her and she spoke about how much she loved the significant, dearest people in her life.

Francis Alick “Frankie” Howerd, OBE (6 March 1917 – 19 April 1992) an English comedian and comic actor whose career spanned six decades is thought to be the next spirit noted in the séance.  A man who recognised the importance that parents had in someone’s life, he spoke out to the séance on how much he thought of those who gave time to look after the people they loved.  Comedy was once again a theme that seemed to be important in the investigation.  As a career and as a chosen pursuit both spirits in the latter part of the séance had this theme in common.

It was a séance that had a lot of activity to note.  Meaningful were the messages and when activity occurred there was time to look at what had happened and ask why it had been noticed.  Orbs seemed to accompany the loving messages, several times when a specific link had been given a form of unexplained activity was seen.  Even though at the time the claims of a sighting, smell or audio occurrence could not be classified as unexplained, a later exploration did prove that there was nothing else as for explanation as for what was experienced at the time.  Intriguing and full of love were many of the messages and members reported having a positive feeling throughout.