Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 14th March 2017.

A séance is unpredictable and it is because of this that members can maintain objectivity.  In a confined area and during a set time an investigation into what has been seen, felt or heard can provide notes of real time experiences.  It is with experienced members, a medium and in a closed room, that the séance area can be investigated as for what, if anything, occurs.  Any activity is visually apparent to all in the séance and this can be a base from which exploration of possible events can be carried out.

The séance was opened and the medium passed on, what were noticeably validated messages, between spirits and recipients in that of the members who had sat for the séance.  During these messages there was a time wherein an unexplained smell could be depicted.  It was intriguing and oddly commented on by those who had validated one of the messages because it was apt as for what had been a specific interest of cooking for the same said spirit who had talked to them.

Orbs were noted and these were unexplained lights that could be seen as the séance progressed.  It was interesting to see the lights and noted were information messages that came from spirits to loved ones at the same time.  In certain examples names could be referenced and at other times information particular to memories from life were contained in the messages.

In the séance a female spirit was seen and the medium talked about her as loving and keen to remember an anniversary of birth for a loved individual.  The female spirit was eager for others to be informed and to remember this same anniversary, she talked about a man who was important to her in life and who she was keen to have referred to in the séance.  The medium was able to give detailed appearance of the lady in spirit and then later a brief image of the spoken of gentleman was seen.

John Le Mesurier (born John Elton Le Mesurier Halliley; 5 April 1912 – 15 November 1983) an English actor, perhaps best known for his comedic role as Sergeant Wilson in the BBC television situation comedy Dad’s Army (1968-77) is thought to be the male spirit referred to and spoken of in the séance.  Le Mesurier appeared in 120 films across many genres and it is thought that the lady in spirit who referenced his date of birth was Hattie Jacques (born Josephine Edwina Jacques; 7 February 1922 – 6 October 1980) an English actress known for her comedy on radio, stage and screen.  It was in the Carry On films that a no nonsense role was associated with that of Hattie Jacques but in the séance there was a much softer and loving person who talked of someone very important to her in life.

It was a séance that felt quite active and noted were moments when members were able to converse on how and why the activity was so important for them.  Particular pieces of information seemed relevant by a means that only individual members knew about and was later explained as for relevancy.  The importance of the setting and checks prior to the séance, the notes during the actual séance and consequently the information and explanations as for what may have been noted are all integral as to how an investigation into a séance may be interpreted.