Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 31st January 2017.

A séance can be the basis for an objective investigation if emphasis is put upon the checks both prior and during the formally sat setting.  Members who sit in full sight of the objects can see exactly what, if anything, occurs and when it may have been seen.  Particularly of interest is if activity is thought and then validated as to be unexplained.

Unexplained activity in a séance can be noted, investigated and explored as for any possible means for it having been noticed.  If the timing is apt as to it having occurred when a question was asked or if it could be seen as response activity, this in itself, could be noted as evidence.  Often in the séance messages have been passed from spirit individuals to medium and then on to sitters.  In many examples of this there have been unexplained smells, sights and sounds that have been thought to accompany these verbal instances of spirit.  Intriguing to the investigation the unexplained activity that has included Orbs, sounds of walking, taps and smells have been particular to members and they have given substantiated indications as to why these examples of activity were important to them.

In the séance the medium was able to give messages from spirits to members.  There were several noises that were heard during these messages and these came from inside the room, one close to where people were seated and one from further away.  A large streak of light was seen in the séance and there was no equipment or known of cause as for why this should have been noted.  It was the message that came after this sighting that was full of information and was validated by two of the members.

The medium referred to a female spirit, an association was given to that of one Mickey Rooney, an American actor of Hollywood, radio, Broadway, television and vaudeville. This male spirit was spoken of as being seen and talking to the medium.  He was keen to show that he had his sense of humour in spirit.

It is thought that the female spirit spoken of is one Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, DBE (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) a British-American actress, a humanitarian and businesswoman.  Her carer began as a child actress in the early 1940s, and she was a popular star of classic Hollywood cinema in the 1950s.  She continued her career successfully into the 1960s.  In the séance there was a reference to certain films, a youthful look and appearance individual to Dame Elizabeth Taylor, DBE.  Despite having achievement early on she remained a well known public figure for the rest of her life.  The American Film Institute named her as the seventh – greatest female screen legend in 1999.  There was a significance in her identity in spirit and looks, youthful in appearance, there was a lot said about how she thought she was seen through her film career.

It was a séance that entranced many of the members.  There were messages that took some back to their childhoods, to issues they had in their lives and to individuals who were loved by them.  Information about each spirit came with much to be said about them and for lives led.  It was intriguing not only to be able to hear and see particular unexplained activity but to be able to investigate them.