Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle on the 5th November 2013.

In this investigation I would like to clearly define what is a possible definition for spirit materialisation, a term used to prove or disprove the form of a spirit personality.  When subjects who sit in a physical circle report seeing spirit materialisation it is usually a white or tangible form which is seen and there may be features or focus on parts of a body.

It is believed by para psychologists that this form of activity is amongst one of the most widely claimed around not only the UK but also in other countries.  Most claims are made by those who have sat in a physical or trance based participation, though there are numerous written statements made by visitors to haunted or supposed locations where spirits have a reputation to be seen, the stated accounts range from full body sightings of spirit with forms standing or walking to floating specific faces.

From a spiritual aspect the explanation of spirit manifestation is the final stage of a spirit energy putting effort towards material physical appearance, this type of psi action is thought only to occur when a physical medium or enough energy is present.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century a parapsychology experiment was performed in London whereby the participants were all allowed to sit in a physical circle and each was at regular intervals asked questions with emphasis given to responses from each individual, reasons for their accounts were then looked at and ruled out or focused on further.

The closed physical trance meet is thought best suited to providing insight on this area of spirit materialisation as mediums state that the conditions allow for spiritual entities to form more so and to the point where actual resemblance may be seen.

Spirit energies and what process is behind a materialisation has been the root for many a study.  Parapsychologists put faith in science to give rational and logical conclusions to a vast quantity of those who sit and take an active role in a physical investigation and this breaking down of what is entailed in such an examination of findings is crucial as it takes any possible doubt out of reasonable theories as to why occurrences have taken place.

Materialisation is something which by any who attempt to explore it is by its base an intriguing subject.  Ectoplasm is one reason for how spirit are able to give shape and matter to their energy and it is by the production of this thick liquid that it is put forward energies might use this like one might press a malleable form.

Recently we sat to look further at what materialisation is and how multiple spirit might make it clear as to what is achieved when this activity is evident.

At the start of the spirit séance the attendees decided what would be the most efficient system by which one would see and conclude spirit’s capability to think and correlate this pattern on behaviour and their evidencing of their own image.  It was set out that in previous events spirit were denoted often by the fact of a sole body which either made itself noted as a man, woman or child and the agreed desired motive for spirit was to actively do or show that it was practical to convey the appearance of a multiple configuration, having put this into words the next two hours were significant as first only light barely sustained silhouettes were commented on from those sat and shadows were highlighted but slowly as the evening went on these darker spots became more drawn out actual representations of expressive figures with white stretched formation where one would anticipate the anatomical mass.  With time the figures became stronger and lasted longer.  This was one factor which seemed to coincide with the need for energy to build as the more the mediums talked and spoke on what they saw the more identifiable the moving lights became.  The generic height of all was similar but what was a main focal point was that the supposed men and women were coming quick one after another and for a few seconds three were seen at the same moment.  The cool breeze which was felt as each were seen blasted out cold air when the trio were captured and the whispers of voices by one’s side was another element which stirred curious interpretations from the mediums. Summary of the night was that contact was established through a definitive collaborative manifestation and the objective of the study was validated.