Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 1st November 2016.

A séance can be summarised on what has or has not occurred, if there are any possible explanations for any noted activity or events and what kind of experiences have been investigated.

The séance was able to note unexplained smells, depicted by the members.  These scents were strongly depicted and could not be explained by any source inside or outside of the séance room.  The scents lasted for a while into the proceedings and occurred before spirit activity was seen.

Spirit activity was referred to by information.  The medium talked of a male, an actor William Clark Gable an American film actor, often referred to as a King of Hollywood.  Gable began his career as a stage actor and appeared as an extra in silent films between 1924 and 1926 and progressed to supporting roles with a few films for MGM in 1931.  He is thought to be the first male spirit seen in the séance.  Reference was made to the male by the medium and information on William Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960) was noted.

A man of comedy was mentioned by the medium.  The medium then went into more in depth information about a male spirit who was known to have laughter around him.  He was seen in images of juggling and in a prominent position on radio.  More references were noted about a Maurice James Christopher Cole, known professionally as Kenny Everett, a British comedian, a radio DJ and entertainer for television.  Everett is probably most known for his career as a radio DJ and for The Kenny Everett Video Show.  Kenny Everett; Birth name: Maurice James Christopher Cole: Born 25 December 1944 Seaforth, Liverpool, Lancashire, England: Died: 4 April 1995 (aged 50).

Barbara was talked about in regard to the female spirit, as was the name Ruth.  Information was relayed about an actress with red hair and it was stated that the name Crawford was important to her.  Barbara was mentioned again because she felt the need to talk of her and after a while of noting more references about the lady actress herself it was discovered in later research that the Ruth referred to Ruth ElizabethBetteDavis (April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989) an American actress of film who had red hair.  She was known on both television and theatre and her daughter was the Barbara talked about because in life she had daughter Barbara Sherry.  Davis is regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history, she was noted for her willingness to play unsympathetic roles and was reputed for her performances in a range of film genres, from contemporary crime melodramas to historical and period films and occasional comedies, although her greatest successes were her romantic dramas.  William Sherry is thought to be the husband and person that she referenced as the information referred to an anniversary and for William.  Facts about the two Bette Davis and William Sherry support the event of a union in 1945: William Grant Sherry married Bette Davis on November 30, 1945; it was that their marriage lasted 5 years till July 05, 1950.  Another reference was to Crawford and while at first this was not understood, more research uncovered the fact that in a film there was a tie to all three ladies, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and her daughter.  The reference did support the fact that at the time in the séance a link to the daughter was being made by Davis.

Noises of unexplained knocks on the table, muted talking from inside the room and footsteps could be heard.  At times in the séance these noises were noticed although none of the sitters talked at all during the investigation and movement was not permitted.

Noises were heard, smells were depicted and the activity although investigated could not be explained by any visible occurrence inside or outside of the séance room.  Information about individuals in spirit were given directed by the medium but in different ways according to who and what they would like noted as important for their lives.  This was an interesting way of exploring possible evidence and researching what had been stated for whom.  Not widely known of information was referred to and facts supported important anniversaries for certain spirit individuals in the séance.  Intriguing and full of information the séance was an investigation that provided much to be talked about.