Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 13th September 2016.

This is the note based blog of an investigation into claimed spirit interaction.  In the analysis of what has been experienced and notes of members’ encounters there are possible theories as for why certain occurrences could have been noticed and unexplained evidence has been stipulated.

A séance is an unknown in terms of what could be seen, heard or sensed.  The time frame and room itself can be used as definitive.  In a set time and in a carefully prepared room with specific objects in situ experienced sitters will observe what, if anything, occurs.

At the beginning of the séance there were several messages that could be passed from spirits to sitters.  These links were from spirits who were known to the individuals in the meeting.  Spirits of closely known people and family seemed to give information about themselves, what happened to them and what was known about them by the individual in the séance.  Members then could either refute, acknowledge or claim as not known the evidence that was given to them in link format.  In several minutes of messages there were many validations of information specifically given and links were talked of in one example that had only recently been experienced.  Information was linked to that seemed of great benefit to individual members and seemed to be the basis as for why spirits mentioned the specific links at that time.

It was of interest that the messages could be validated.  Unexplained activity was noticed in the Orbs that were seen.  Small, blue lights that appeared in the séance room.  There was no explanation as for how or why these Orbs should have been noted at that precise time.  The Orbs coincided with one of the messages.  Noises were also noted and these were extremely odd cracking and popping sounds as if from on top of the table there was something emitting them.  At a particular time in the séance there were claims of an experience felt by many of the members and this was a hand holding sense.  It felt as if several of the sitters’ had their hands held.

There was no one in the séance room apart from the medium and members.  Nothing inside or outside the room could explain why the experiences were noted by those in the séance.  There was unexplained activity that had been experienced by particular sitters and times when all in the séance were aware of a seemingly odd occurrence.

When experienced there were specific messages that did seem all important in their timing and how they were given to the sitters.  Image reference, intonation and information were all validated by sitters.  Coincidental visual and auditory experiences could not be explained by anything in the actual room but they were as evidence something that could be noted by all in the séance.