Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 6th September 2016.

A séance can be an interesting base from which to make observations because of the checked and objective nature of where and how the investigation is held.  It is because a séance room should be limited to specific objects, experienced members and medium and due to the observed focus of any claimed evidence that the results can provide a more stringently met finding of any possible occurrences.

It was within the first part of the séance that in a low lit room and with specific objects in situ that the medium started to pass messages to fellow sitters.  The information was particular to people who had passed and was validated as given to the members for whom the message was intended.  Interestingly it was as children in spirit were noted that the sound of movement was heard in the objects that had been placed out for younger individuals to possibly interact with and use.  The noises were heard and while the objects could be observed it was intriguing to hear them as though being touched.

Other noises were heard that evening and these were in the form of taps on the table and sounds of people walking around the room.  Individuals who had passed were referred to by the medium and appearances could be validated by particular members who knew the people in life.

The medium referred spirit individuals as she saw them and links were given to define identity.  Information about a female spirit included the wording of the name Scarlet Pimpernel.  As a result of the links and how the medium referred to the lady in spirit it is thought she is the author of the Scarlet Pimpernel Baroness Emma Magdolna Rozália Mária Jozefa BorbálaEmmuskaOrczy de Orci (23 September 1865 – 12 November 1947), also known as Baroness Orczy, was a Hungarian-born of noble origin and she was a British novelist, artist and playwright.  She is most notable for her series of novels featuring the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Art was talked about by the spirit and her freedom as sensed by her when she was able to paint.  In life it has been noted that some of her paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.

Ronald William GeorgeRonnieBarker, OBE (25 September 1929 – 3 October 2005) an English actor, a writer and comedian was the male spirit thought to have been noted by the medium as she spoke of his comedic talent.  He was known in life for roles in British comedy television series such as Open All Hours, Porridge and The Two Ronnies.  In the séance there was a specific reference from the spirit to his pondering about events from his childhood.  It was those sentiments of youth that could give you perspective on life and a much needed ability to take things with a light hearted appreciation for what it was.

Both individuals who were referenced in the latter part of the séance had anniversaries of birth in the same month and although in different years only two days apart.  As a séance what interested me was the activity that could be explored and investigated alongside the references to individuals in spirit.  Information about them surpassed dates, widely known of notations and included an in depth look at thoughts from them on important aspects of what they had achieved in life.  While the potential participation of information from spirit could be and was seen as enlightening about them, it is the notable unexplained activity that was noted that could be used as definable proof.  When activity that is unexplained but can be investigated is seen as coinciding with links, references and information then it can be looked at as possible evidence of spirit interaction.