Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 19th July 2016.

A humour led séance.

These are the notes from an investigation into spirit communication and physical action.  In a prepared and checked room experienced members sat in a closed séance.  Unexplained activity was noted from a few minutes in, noises were heard as in taps coming from inside the room and a quarter way into the séance Orbs were noted.  These blue lights were seen individually and this was for a few seconds each.  The lights were noted as interesting as they coincided with speech about individuals who had passed away.

It did seem as if comedy was the main theme of the visitations from spirits.  An atmosphere of somewhat light heartedness seemed to be felt simultaneously by the members.  There was a calm but happy sense claimed in the séance and this was before the medium noted the first spirit individual she could see.  Reference was made to a gentleman who would like to say a Happy Birthday to a friend and colleague.  Adamant he was that a birthday anniversary had just been held for them spirit side.  Appearance came through strongly with this spirit individual as the medium often referred to his looks.  Research about him has shown that the links and information reference could be to that of Nicholas Smith, also known as store manager Mr Rumbold in the comedy series Are You Being Served?  This same gentleman in spirit insisted his message was to mention a dear friend and colleague, it had been her birthday and consequently much information was given about someone believed to be Wendy Richard, MBE (born Wendy Emerton, 20 July 1943 – 26 February 2009) who was an English actress best known for playing the roles of Miss Shirley Brahms on Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler on EastEnders.

Comedy continued through the séance that evening and one link led to another full of smiles and joviality for the members.  These personal links were of interest because they could be validated by claims of exact significant evidence about people known to the members.  There was a cigarette smoke smell noticed in the séance.  This was odd as there should be no explanation as for how this could have appeared in the room and during the séance be depicted and then lost so quickly.

The medium referred to a lady in spirit.  Comedy was known by her and to her as a means of existence in life.  Comedic roles were what she often was known for but she loved her varied career as an actress.  Strongly noted for her individuality and humorous ability links were made to one Yootha Joyce (20 August 1927 – 24 August 1980) who was an English actress, best known for playing Mildred Roper in sitcom Man About the House and its spin-off George and Mildred.  An anniversary was talked of by her and a loved ones birthday that would be celebrated or had been noted not long from this being mentioned.  A daughter or the idea of a daughter was poignant to her and she would have this reference mentioned as important for her.

It was a séance full of links and reference.  Anniversaries for birthdays seemed significant for all the spirits, either by mention for a friend or loved one, and of course for the two ladies’ anniversaries themselves.  There was unexplained activity, information and above all a sense of fun that made all the members smile.