Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 28th June 2016.

A séance of politics and land.

Each séance is observed as an investigation and as such it is important for objectivity to be a guide in how the room is prepared, experienced members will be allowed to sit in, notes will be taken on any unexplained activity and research is done for all areas of what has been seen, heard or referenced.

A séance that saw many forms of unexplained activity, the first that was noted was in that of several objects which had been put out in the room.  It was while the medium referred to young spirits in the séance that noises of cracking were heard from the said same objects.  The noise did not last long but it was sufficient for members to be able to locate from where it had emanated.  The medium spoke of individual people in spirit who came through one by one to talk with members in the investigation.  This was message based evidence that had to be validated by sitters and while this was reliant upon information of a personal nature there was a loud sound somewhat like a creak that was heard along the inside of the wall.  The sound was heard right behind a sitter who was being talked to via a message from a spirit.

A particular message was then spoken of to a sitter and it was at this precise time that multiple Orbs were seen in the séance.  Orbs are unexplained lights, the small white lights could not be explained by any equipment or justification from inside or outside of the room at that specific time while the séance was held.  During the experience of sighting the Orbs the movement was gentle and lasted a few seconds, this was long enough for members to be able to watch as the lights were seen to hover over members.

It is important to note information as it is linked to and spoken of at the time.  In reference of a claimed seen male spirit the medium talked of his natural ability for politics.  In a message he spoke of the country’s need for leadership, honourable individuals had met with many plans for eviction and he stated that if people did not make certain vital decisions then the identity of the country would not uphold the certain ideas that were once known to be basic principals of life.  Information was linked to about someone who is thought to be William Ewart Gladstone (29 December 1809 – 19 May 1898) who was a British Liberal politician.  In a career lasting over sixty years, he served as Prime Minister four separate times and these were in (1868–74, 1880–85, February–July 1886 and 1892–94) Gladstone also served as Chancellor of the Exchequer four times.  Gladstone was Britain’s oldest Prime Minister; he resigned for the final time when he was 84 years old.

Politics was important to him, the male spirit stated and he talked of his long life in the field.  It has been noted that he first entered Parliament in 1832.  Beginning as a High Tory, it was that Gladstone served in the Cabinet of Sir Robert Peel.  After the split of the Conservatives Gladstone was a Peelite – and in 1859 the Peelites merged with the Whigs and the Radicals to form the Liberal Party.  As Chancellor Gladstone became committed to low public spending and to electoral reform, earning him the name of being the people’s William.  In the séance the male spirit referred to politics being where he felt he could do the most.  Different approaches, reform and times were positive if handled well politically and it was, the male spirit spoke of, important that a conviction of opinion be maintained.  As the spirit finished speaking a rather large bright unexplained light or Orb was noted in the room.

As a séance there was a lot to be noted.  Unexplained activity seemed to coincide with that of active speech from claimed spirit individuals.  Authority, identity and a sense of leadership was talked of again but this time for a ruling male.  Links were made to someone who had lived overseas, Louis XIII (27 September 1601 – 14 May 1643) was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France from 1610 to 1643 and King of Navarre (as Louis II) from 1610 to 1620, when the crown of Navarre was merged with the French crown and is the person thought to be referred to in the séance.

It was that shortly before his ninth birthday, Louis became king of France and Navarre after his father Henry IV was assassinated.  In the séance the medium talked of a male spirit who knew about rule, he had often been quiet in contemplative thought instead of outspoken and quick to form an opinion.  His name was voiced by the medium and after the séance an anniversary of birth was noted for him as not long from that of when the séance was held.  A man of definitive mind, he gave a message, that spoke of the importance of thought over quick decisions.  Many of his most heartfelt aims had been achieved in his lands because of a lot of contemplation about them.

It was a séance of information, much of which was validated through research after the investigation.  Two male spirits were noted, as were loved ones who spoke directly to members.  Both male individuals who had held important roles as leads for their countries talked of an important need for decisions and thought.  It was rather notable that the speeches overlapped with that of a specific time in politics where these topics are more than a little apt.  There was a quiet and somewhat studious mood in the room through the séance, everything was listened to carefully and where applicable validations certainly seemed to confirm that there had been many spirits noted in the séance.