Home circle.

untitled (3)untitled (2)untitledHere is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle on the 15th October 2013.

Parapsychology is a subject which should by its means link both psychology with para or psi evidence.  It is in essence an objective means by which to apply science and methodology to a yet unexplained category.

There have over the years been many attempts to explain the evidence of psi activity.  Hearing, sensing and seeing so called unexplained objects levitate, materialisation, trance and items seeming to emit sounds have all been researched by philosophy students, psychologists and scientists.

All experiments are approached in the attempt of solving a question.  What is the reason for such active force to be evident in objects which should be solid and lifeless and more what is the root source of classified spirit interaction.

There are of course many important consideration and implication of study to be kept in mind when taking on a subject of this nature.

Scientific evaluation and psychological summary of all possible answers for the occurrence of haunting, sighting of spirit and series of odd events must first be ruled out before a serious parapsychological research of it is encountered.  The term of metaphysics may be used in trying to understand if the real effect of what has been sensed is a matter of imprinted influence from external stimuli or if the empirical result of what should be a purely objective study is something which could stand up to further questioning.

In this section of what will be termed Research into supposed spirit materialisation I would like to expand and explain what role ectoplasm can have in so far that it can be a physical, visible and tangible substance.

The study of science and approaches of investigation dates as far back as first in 1882 when the Society for Psychical Research aimed to evaluate an objective differentiation of actual material evidence to support validated psychical proof from spiritism.  In London a series of investigations managed to look at reports of levitation, automatic writing and ectoplasm forms.  The published referral notes were then used for commentary.

A recorded investigation made by the London Dialectical Society was initiated in January of 1869.  A committee was sourced to look further on the Spiritual Materialisation theories and to report thereon.

Printed results were recorded as shown here..

The Committee reports of several sub committees who corroborate each other and propose that..

1. Audible sounds and vibrations proceeded to be noted from articles of furniture and the floors along with the walls of rooms without there being any known cause for them to be making sound.

2. There was movement of bodies which seemed to be heard without the presence of actual exertion of muscular movement or force by those present.

3. Contact was made in the answers made to posed questions with simple signals and sounds coming when asked for and in time with what was said.

4. Sometimes the information came to an extent not known by any and relevant to one of the persons present.

5. No one belief could be singled out as the overriding factor in what was witnessed.

It could not be decided that the committee either refuted or accepted the statements of those gathered.

Ectoplasms is from the Greek ektos, meaning “outside”, and formulation of plasma, meaning “something formed or moulded.  To feel ectoplasmic construct is soft and will fold or stretch.

To finish this part of the Research into supposed spirit Manifestation I would like to submit along with this write up a photograph from a circle sat on this past Tuesday where spirit were watched and independently written about from the perspective of those who saw the apparition.  The picture is included below.  I saw a white figure who momentarily looked extremely tall and then as it brushed through a cool vapour was left behind.  The whole incident was quick and on closing the séance all members spotted and remarked on the ectoplasmic print which had been left on the corner table.

It is important for there to be more comprehensive looks at an issue which has serious marks on what we consider human consciousness and the human condition.  Life after death or a underlying reasoning of what spirit energy is or is thought to be capable of is the intention of this parapsychological investigation as it is this which if objectively and openly allowed to be looked into will perhaps best direct us to knowing more about life, in the additional image not only is there a mist drawn out from what are very long fingers but it has been thought the imprints were also made from a spiritual hand.