Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 21st June 2016.

A séance can be an occasion to formally investigate claims of unexplained activity.  It is within the parameters of a séance that one can look into what may have occurred inside a fully checked and observed area.

A séance is of interest to an investigator because activity can be seen as it happens.  There is an opportunity to investigate the three main questions of why, how and if… one can ask why the particular activity occurred, how it could have been seen to occur and if there is any logical or possible explanation for why it was noted.

In the séance there are objects that are put out and observed for any signs of activity.  These objects are that of some which may interest children.  It was of interest that at a mid point in the investigation these same said objects were heard to move.  It was when the rustle and crackle of the objects was heard that they were then immediately observed and with no one near to them it was intriguing to members and medium to note the activity which was observed around them.  Information that linked to this activity was noted in that of what the medium talked of in sighting.  She had referred to one child in spirit who had said that she would like to move some of the objects so that she could get them to other children that she was close to in spirit.  It was the noise of the movement of the objects that interested and intrigued those who were sat in the séance.

Several Orbs were seen.  Orbs are unexplained lights.  These were noted to be seen at different times during the investigation and each time were noticed over and around the members.

There was a significant claim of evidence in the séance as the medium spoke about the arrival of a specific person in spirit.  It was as the person was specified and a validated message directed to one of the members that a sound was heard from the inside of the door.  It is this evidence that was useful to investigate as it gave the opportunity to note if the message from a claimed spirit was validated by the person it was given to and to refer to the timing of the noise which coincided with the talk about the said person.

It was that the medium mentioned two specific individuals in spirit but at different times in the investigation.  Upon talking of a female spirit, the medium linked to life information and achievements about someone, who after research is thought to be Marie Skłodowska Curie, born Maria Salomea Skłodowska, who was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and has an anniversary which is only a short time from that of when the séance was held.  Images were referenced by the medium that were specific to pioneering scientific based experiments, she talked of a determined but caring spirit and that in life she was someone who knew she favoured proof over any theory.  A first woman to win a Nobel Prize and only woman to win twice, she was the only person to win twice in multiple sciences, and was part of the Curie family legacy of five Nobel Prizes.  In the séance there was reference to her achievement as a sense in her family.  She loved the fact that she had gone on to be an original leader for scientific research and positive influence to guide in scientific projects on a global scale.  Research after the séance has shown that she was also the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris, and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris.

In the séance there was a time when the medium referred to passion being the means for what the spirit did and why she gave so much of her time to scientific research.  Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, in what was then the Kingdom of Poland, part of the Russian Empire, having studied at Warsaw’s clandestine Floating University and began her practical scientific training in Warsaw.  It was that in 1891, aged 24, she followed her older sister Bronisława to study in Paris, where she earned her higher degrees and conducted her subsequent scientific work.  A mention was made to her husband in spirit as someone who could understand her academic need to succeed in scientific areas and it was later in research about her found that she shared the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics with her husband Pierre Curie and with physicist Henri Becquerel.  Information has shown that she won the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

An important part of the séance was when the medium talked of what she claimed to see of spirit individuals.  Later in the investigation a historical reference was made to that of someone who is thought to be Charles II (29 May 1630 – 6 February 1685) and who was a monarch of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland.  In the séance the medium spoke of his appearance of being significant and historic.  Links were made to a male who had to appear as there was an anniversary to be noted for the kingdom’s sovereignty.  It was, he said through the medium, a vital part of what he had achieved to give a unified image of his rule and that it was important that the country not lose a sene of defiant identity.

Charles II’s father, Charles I, was executed at Whitehall on 30 January 1649, at the climax of the event of the English Civil War.  Although the Parliament of Scotland proclaimed Charles II King on 5 February 1649, it was then that England entered the period known as the English Interregnum or the English Commonwealth, and the country was a de facto republic, led by Oliver Cromwell.

It is of interest, though not proof, that the information about and of Charles II came in only a day from the European Union Election in the United Kingdom, something that does effect an important time for the spoken of and aforementioned England, Scotland and Ireland.

A séance of multiple witnessed activity that was investigated and found to be unexplained, an investigation of information and links, there was evidence that seemed to do something that validated reference to spirit individuals.  When activity that is linked to and seen to occur at the same time of a stated spirit individual then it is notable as possible evidence in a séance investigation.