Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 24th May 2016.

A séance can be as much about the experiences, the information and the research as the actual investigation.  A séance is a time to evaluate actual experience over expectation.  Objectivity is important and it is what can be concluded that gives one an opportunity to form an opinion about the evidence.

It was an interesting investigation from the start as the séance observed a lot of activity.  Members reported Orbs, unexplained lights seen and one was particularly intriguing as it was noted after a spirit was talked about.  The light was noticed after a noise was heard and this was a sharp and sudden unexplained tap on the inside of the séance door.

Members felt an icy cool temperature at times in the séance but this would often alter to ambient and then cool again, there was no known explanation as for why this was felt, no equipment that should have caused it and no suggestions as for why it should have been  noticed as it was.  Sitters were able to talk about what they experienced in the investigation with many saying that there was a sense of calm and a loving embrace around them, the medium denoted several spirit children and then there was actual cracking sounds heard from several specific objects that had been put out in front of everyone.

All of the activity was noted as was the information about a male spirit, a loving individual who saw the world in a particular way of his own.  There was a lot of beauty but also a sense that he had needed to achieve things.  A comedian and much loved man, the spirit was talked about in links by the medium.  Information suggests that he could be that of a Kenneth Charles Williams (22 February 1926 – 15 April 1988) who was an English comic actor and comedian.  A main actor, one of the ensemble in 26 of the 31 Carry On films he was seen clearly by the medium, she gave a lot of information and referred to seeing his face.  The spirit talked of a relationship with his parents.  There was a lot of peace said to be sensed by him in spirit, answers to questions that he had in life.  He wanted to thank his friends because he felt that in life sometimes one could feel alone and he appreciated the loved minutes that he had been able to have with friends.

An anniversary link was noted for him in research about Kenneth Charles Williams.  It was an investigation that meant much was seen, heard and experienced.  Evidence was noted in the unexplained lights that were seen, the noises and what was seen from what should have been inanimate objects.  It was a séance where incidents did seem to occur after a name was mentioned or a question put out to spirit for a response.  This kind of para activity is of interest because it does appear to be intention based.  It was investigated and the experiences of the evening seemed to suggest that the noted activity could not be explained by any equipment, cause or person inside or outside of the room.  It is because of this that the evidence noted is thought to be interesting as claim of spirit activity.