Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 17th May 2016.

A séance is an interesting investigation to note.  One can be objective, nothing is expected and members are often experienced in what may or may not occur.  The setting and the individuals who sit to note any activity all comply with the requirement of a physical séance investigation.

There was nothing to report for the first half of the séance, noises of creaks and knocks were heard but there wasn’t any specific pattern or any response found in questions of validation for the sound activity.  It was after the appearance of several Orbs, also known as unexplained lights that members saw notable actions around individuals in the séance.  The blue lights were small but were notable as they would be seen next to sitters.  They lasted a few seconds each and there was no explanation as for why or how they should have been there.

Noise activity did start again and it was while the medium was talking about several spirits who were visible to her.  The links were made to spirits who had personal information for sitters in the investigation.  It was of interest to see how the links were given, what information was passed on and also if it was validated by the appropriate sitter.  The noises came in short bursts but on this occasion they could be noted as it appeared as if the noises of someone knocking came from a visible table in the investigation.  It was slightly odd to hear noises coming from the table even though no physical presence could be seen around it to give an explanation for the knocking.

Smells were depicted and these were specific scents that were noted.  Several sitters did recognise the smells as connections to loved ones who had passed.  There was an interesting few minutes where members could specifically claim a sense of someone around them, they reported a lot of loving emotional senses and a calmness around them.  While this can not be specifically reported as evidence because it could not be verified, it did seem important to note that the claims came in when the smells were signified.

As an investigation it was an important séance to make notes on because there was a lot of unexplained activity that linked in with claimed spirit individuals.  Personal recognition of smells and reported information about spirits who loved to wear and have those sensory links around them in life made for interesting possible evidence.