Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 10th May 2016.

It is important for what is observed in any investigation of a séance to be noted.  The information, incidents which may have gone unexplained at the time and any research on individuals who have been sighted in spirit can sometimes be linked in an analysis of what has happened, after the event.  While all who sit in an investigation remain objective, an article about what has occurred does give an opportunity to reflect on what may have been claimed as significant evidence.  One can summarise, investigate further and conclude on the séance investigation, with all of the claims, opinion and information that has been gathered.

The séance opened in a relatively calm and quiet setting.  There was no activity to note, this altered about half an hour into the investigation when an extreme cool was sensed amongst the members.  There was a few minutes when the cool air was felt, it was mentioned and then seemed to dissipate within seconds.  Orbs were seen, unexplained lights that were blue and noted near to members.  Smells were depicted, as with the extreme coolness, the smells would last for a short while but it was the rapid appearance and then disappearance from the room that caused questions to be asked about how the activity could be possible.

There was a Medium who talked of several spirits as being in the séance.  Maurice Barbanell was noted as being seen by the Medium, his name was given first and then it was information about him that came through.  He was referred to as having sat in many a séance, a man who demanded proof of what was claimed and someone who investigated para activity.  The gentleman seemed to link in with the Medium, she talked of his gentle personality and linked to what he thought of as important spiritual matters in life.  After the séance further research has shown him to have been born on 3 May 1902 – 19 July 1981.  He was a Medium and Founder-Editor of Psychic News.

As the evening progressed more spirits were noted, the individuals were linked to by major feelings that they had for passions in life, links had important information about what they thought of incidents and life events.  It was interesting to observe as the Medium mentioned a male spirit, someone who acted on stage and in film.  Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier, Kt OM (22 May 1907 – 11 July 1989) was an English actor who dominated, along with certain colleagues, stage performance during the mid twentieth century and appeared in many successful roles on TV.  He is the spirit, the Medium linked with and was referred to as someone who had an anniversary he would like to be talked about.

Acclaim was mentioned by the Medium, there was a film link with the next three individual spirits.  Two were brought in as friends in spirit but all three the Medium noted as being in good humour with each other.  They were standing side by side and the Medium referred to a charming, happy man who was someone that sometimes felt as if something was missing in his life.  Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE (26 May 1913 – 11 August 1994) was an English actor and an Award winner in 1956.  He is mainly known for his prolific appearances in Hammer Films, in which he played notable roles of lead monster slayers.  In the séance one of the members felt a cool but gentle brush of air against her face as the spirit was spoken about.

The séance continued with another link to one of the three spirits and this was of Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) who was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and performances in horror films.  He had a career that spanned other genres, including film noir, drama, thriller, mystery and comedy.  He appeared on stages, radio, and on television in over one hundred films.  Notably he has had two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for motion pictures, and one for television.

A link was made to one Sir Harry Donald Secombe, CBE (8 September 1921 – 11 April 2001) who was a Welsh comedian and singer.  Having played Neddie Seagoon, a central character in the BBC radio comedy series The Goon Show (1951–60) he also appeared in musicals and films and, in his later years, was a presenter of television shows incorporating hymns.  In the séance the Medium noted how the spirit came in with a lot of laughter, he wanted to be mentioned as a comedian and a link was made to the piano, though this was noted separately to the other links for him.  It was said that in spirit the gentleman was happy to bring a lot of laughter to fellow actors and friends.  He said that in a recent decade a lot of friends had joined him.

The séance was one that seemed to incorporate actors in spirit.  There was the one exception of the first individual who had an established link with spiritual investigation but there was a divide after which all spirits referred to had the acting profession as a link.  The activity which was unexplained was of interest, as was the timing and how the visual, sensory experiences were noted.  What was also of interest was the information as directed from the claimed spirit individuals, containing validated life anniversary links and personal points of thought.