Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 26th April 2016.

A séance of friendship and comedy.

It is in a séance that one can investigate any unexplained occurrences, information and links of possible evidence of spirit.  The setting of a séance makes it far more practical to investigate any unexplained activity.  A closed séance, a term that is often used when referring to a physical séance, means that only experienced members and investigators will be allowed to sit in on the investigation.  This is because of the kind of activity that may be noted.

Experience has shown that on many occasions in a séance, a spirit will themselves step forward and the information will be noted as having been spoken of and referred to by the medium(s) about them.  There are however, as it seems from certain investigations, occasions when another individual in spirit will be seen in the séance but not to give a reference about themselves, they are noted to talk about other people who have passed on.  This is of interest because of the intention for why this is reported.

In the séance the medium spoke about a male spirit, the link was talked of a part way into the investigation.  A male spirit and comedy was the reference to something he did in life.  It was practically seconds later that the spirit referred to other spirits, two of them.  These were males and talked about as friends by the spirit.  The spirit knew of the two men as friends, they knew of each other well and he would have them both mentioned.

Information links came in about the male spirit, it was the name of John Inman that was given, as was the link that the two males should be noted for their having been friends with each other.  It is because of the life reference, the physical appearance and what was explained that it is thought the spirit was one Frederick John Inman (28 June 1935 – 8 March 2007) who was an English actor and singer best known for his role as Mr. Humphries in Are You Being Served?   The TV work he is most known for is a British sitcom between 1972 and 1985.  He was well known in the United Kingdom as a pantomime dame and as someone who did a lot of campaigning for equality.

In the investigation there were several notable forms of unexplained activity.  An extreme coolness in temperature was noted by members for a short time.  After this knocks were clearly audible as coming from the inside walls of the séance.  While this activity was of interest it was the fact that the sounds seemed to be noted in response to stated spoken of speech by members in the séance that made it intriguing.

Orbs, unexplained lights were seen when the male spirit spoke of two gentlemen who had to be noted.  The lights were clear for members, blue in colour, there were two of them.  There was nothing, no equipment, inside the room or out that could have set off the lights or explained them.  It was certainly of interest because as the lights were seen, the two gentlemen in spirit were spoken about.  The first of which is thought to be Frank Thornton Ball (15 January 1921 – 16 March 2013) an English actor.  He was known for playing Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served? the same show as the spirit who spoke of two individuals who needed to be referred to, having been in its sequel Grace & Favour (Are You Being Served? Again!) and as Truly in Last of the Summer Wine the male spirit was an experienced actor, having performed in several notable comedic parts.

Trevor Gordon Bannister (14 August 1934 – 14 April 2011) was, from research, thought to be the other spirit.  An English actor best known for having played junior salesman Mr. Lucas in the sitcom Are You Being Served? from 1972 to 1979, and for his role as Toby Mulberry Smith in the long-running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine, from 2003 until it ended its run in 2010.  It was the information given by the spirit about the gentleman that linked to Frank Thornton Ball and Trevor Gordon Bannister, all known actors and comedy linked.  The two, it should be noted, appeared in both Are You Being Served? and in Last of the Summer Wine.

A fact that was found out that is of interest is that Bannister died on 14 April 2011, at the age of 76, after a heart attack at his allotment in Thames Ditton, Surrey and Are You Being Served?  Last of the Summer Wine co-star Frank Thornton said that the last event Bannister attended was Thornton’s 90th birthday on 15 January 2011, three months before Bannister died.  This could suggest why it was so important that their friendship be noted.

Anniversaries of passing for both Frank Thornton Ball and Trevor Gordon Bannister do coincide not long before when the séance was held.  This was another reference made by the spirit in the séance and a cause as for why the links were important.

As a séance it was good to explore why a spirit would be claimed as in evidence not of for himself, but for other people, albeit individuals who were known to him in life.  It is somewhat not in the widely known facts about each but in the personal reference to something that was important for them that evidence from the investigation is noted.  Unexplained activity, information and links to little known of evidence about certain people all made it an individual and interesting séance.  Some members suggested that the séance was proof that friendship continues in spirit.