Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 29th March 2016.

Two brothers, Comedy Greats.

A séance is an investigation into what can be noted unexplained activity.  There is no expectation as for what may occur, although there is knowledge about what could be seen, heard or experienced.

It is important that a séance be investigated in prepared, checked settings and certain restriction be put upon how the investigation is conducted.  Members will be sitters who have experience of a physical séance and can look out for anything that is experienced as unexplained activity.

Before, during and after the séance a lot of work is carried out to examine the séance room, to research information, validate activity as unexplained or not.

A séance will often have a medium in situ and this will be an individual who can undergo a phenomena known as trance.  Trance is a semi or fully unconscious state that someone can go into and from which certain phenomena may be noted.  During trance individual mediums have been seen to have transfiguration occur, this is where other facial or anatomical features may be seen to overshadow that of the actual individual.  This is in essence a phenomena where visually one can see someone else’s appearance over another individual.  There could be voice alteration as sometimes a different voice to that of the medium can be heard.  This is a useful phenomena as it indicates an unexplained audio activity alongside information from a spirit in speech form.  Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, KBE (16 April 1889 to 25 December 1977) was the spirit link from the medium in trance.  He was an English comic actor, comedian, filmmaker, and composer who rose to notority in the silent era.

Two names were mentioned by him and those were of Lily and Sydney.  Research has shown that Hannah, Sir Charlie’s Chaplin’s mother used the name of Lily Harley as her stage name.  This was an interesting link as it came into the séance as stages were claimed as important for the individual because of the role he played on them.  The spirit thanked Sydney and it is known that Sydney John “Syd” Chaplin (16 March 1885 to 16 April 1965) was an English actor and was the elder half-brother of Sir Charlie Chaplin.  He served as his business manager, and a half-uncle of the actor Sydney Chaplin (1926–2009), who was named after him.  The two brothers had a close relationship, they loved each other and had a link to comedy.

Hurt was felt from the spirit the medium reported because he felt he had not been remembered recently for why he had accomplished a certain achievement.  His life had been full of love as well as trauma and he was not sure that was a fact widely known.  This information came in from the medium at a time when there was an odd and extreme coolness felt by the sitters.  The temperature was icy in the séance room and with no known explanation as for why this phenomena continued until the information, links and spirit speech finished.  Planes were another reference that was made by the spirit and this was as the name of Sydney had been linked to by him.  It is fact that Sydney Chaplin formulated the first privately owned domestic American airline, known as the Syd Chaplin Airline Company.  It is something to be mentioned as the spirit was happy about it and it could possibly though not definitely explain why the comment was made earlier in the evening about an achievement not being understood or known about widely.  It may not be that well known but even though the corporation lasted only a year, in that time it accumulated many “firsts.”  Sydney and partners had the first ever aeroplane showroom for their Curtiss aeroplanes.  Emery Rogers conducted the first roundtrip Los Angeles to San Francisco flight in a 24-hour period.  Charlie Chaplin did have a link to this as he took his first-ever aeroplane flight in one of Syd’s planes, as did many other notable personages of the period.  Towards the final part of the séance Orbs were mentioned.  Orbs are unexplained lights and there was a claim from members about a little blue light as Sydney was spoken of and in particular there was a link to Sydney’s two wives, Minnie and Henriette.  Not only does the information link to Sydney but it is apt because he has an anniversary of passing on Good Friday, 16 April 1965, in Nice, France, when he passed on his brother Charlie’s 76th birthday.  This information does seem to give the relationship of the brothers a close overlap, there was another piece of information that was thought about in the séance and that was the fact the investigation was only a few days, four days after the event of Good Friday.  One of the member’s mentioned this and in correlation with what was said there was a large tap on the table.  This was interesting evidence as there was nothing visible or any explanation as for why the knock sound should have been heard on the table and why it should have coincided with what was spoken as a fact.  A possible explanation as for why Sydney would have his wives mentioned was because he had a great love for them in life.  Chaplin is buried beside his wife Gypsy whose name is also known as Henriette and he was laid to rest in Clarens-Montreux Cemetery, near Vevey.

The comedy part of the séance was something that was noted by all members.  There was a happy, laughter filled sense to the investigation and moments where the atmosphere was extremely light.  While this was only a feeling, it came before the links to comedy and an arguable validation in the speech from the male spirit about a brother and his love for comedy.  Both brothers were noted comedy actors.  It seemed as if the relationship was to be something they wished to be noted as they came into a séance not far off important anniversary links for the two brothers and gave validated information that had emotional and fact meaning.