Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 23rd February 2016.

A séance of comedy and spirit.

As members arrived at the séance people began to arrange themselves in the checked room and the medium took to her seat.  It was not long before incidents started to occur and members reported a few minutes into the séance of unexplained smells.

There was a strongly noted smell of smoke, the medium linked to an atmosphere of a theatre and a male spirit who would have performed a lot in front of large crowds.  Information was talked about and links were made to who is believed to be the spirit of Leslie “Les” Dawson, Jr. (2 February 1931 – 10 June 1993) who was an English comedian, show personality, an actor, he was a writer and presenter, who is best remembered for having had a deadpan style, curmudgeonly persona and for the fact that he often told jokes about his mother-in-law and his wife.

In the séance members again reported a smell of smoke and there was no explanation for why it could be detected as nothing inside or outside of the room should have caused the smell.  A Highway man and a dislike for a certain theatre was linked to by the spirit and there were reports in from the members about two large Orbs, unexplained lights that were seen in the séance.

There is reference in research done after the séance to a theatre that Les Dawson did not seem to like and to his claim of a reported spirit sighting which he had there.  Comedy was something that was in the spirit’s heart, he talked of comedy being his friend and it was an informative, laughter filled way of bringing out the finer personalities of loved ones.  The spirit was keen to talk about comedy getting him through difficulties in his life and the scripts started off as being an approach to what he could do on the stage but soon they became confessional like letters of all his thoughts in the extreme.

The male spirit talked about his love for comedy, he needed laughter and it was by his side in spirit.  Memories of performance on stage were with him and he looked out for loved ones.  It was not mentioned by him but there is an anniversary link to the date of his birth not long from that of when the séance was held.

In the séance there was a moment when one of the objects started to move all by itself and it was impossible to explain how it did what it did.  A key left out started to move, it looked to be as if someone was pushing it about but there was no influence on it from anyone who was seen in the séance.  Along with this activity was the message from spirit about love for important people in his life and opportune incidents.

As members talked about what was seen and noted in the séance it was evident that a lot of the information and links were focused on comedic timing.  The male spirit was noted to talk at times when there were reports of unexplained smells, visual phenomena and object movement.  As a séance it was an interesting investigation to be a part of as there was activity which coincided with information, all later researched and checked.