Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 16th February 2016.

A séance is something that can be checked and observed.  It is not possible to know what type of activity may be seen, sensed or noted as in a séance often members will have experience of one or all three of these encounters.

In this séance there was an emphasis on film, acting and the stage.  It was unlike many of the séance attended before as on this occasion the medium had a difficult few moments where the links did not seem to be evident.  The activity in the séance had been noted earlier and this was in the form of unexplained smell.  Cigarette smoke had been depicted twice by the members and in a séance room where no such smell should have been in evidence.  There were noises that did seem to coincide with that of the sitters putting out questions and the crack like sounds which came from the inside walls did appear to be heard in a response to what was being said.  There would be moments when possible spirit would be mentioned and at that second the noises would start and then stop, again when talk of the same said spirit would be heard so too the noises would start and finish.  This noise activity was noted for a short while before the medium started to reference a male spirit.  The medium was able to talk about the fact he was male and an actor, there were links to many important people in his life and this all seemed to be seen in or on a stage.  Then information became far more difficult to note, the medium went quiet and said all she could see was a stage.  Theatrical performance had been an important part of his life early on and the medium seemed to accept that it was all the information she was being given at that time.  It was difficult for him to talk, in fact oddly it was claimed that for an actor he was a shy man and this was why the information was not being referred to by the spirit.  An anniversary was mentioned and an image of another date which he would like to commemorate for a loved one.  The male spirit talked about Valentine’s Day and his having a love left this side of life.  He had a lot left unsaid for her and that he would attempt to put a sense of his feelings in her heart over the next short while, his support for what she had recently done in life was evident.  Two birthdays were talked about by him and again the link to stage, a lot of roles and then the name of John came in.  In spirit he said that he had not always had a lot of ability to wait for the things that were important to him, he lacked a calmness and that he was far wiser about this in spirit, he also asked for his sense as partner to someone in life be noted and to say he would in love be her guide.  Information was referenced for a John Edward Thaw, CBE (3 January 1942 – 21 February 2002) who was an English actor.  He appeared in a range of tv, stage, and also cinema roles, his most popular being television series such as Inspector Morse but in the séance it was the anniversary of stage performance that was important to him.

Anniversary is important as in research it was noted that the anniversary of his passing would be a valid link.  He had a lot of love for children, daughter like relationship and grandchildren.  He kept on putting in links to stage and how this ability to be different people had aided him in his difficulty of being in amongst a lot of people.

The medium had a lot of discomfort at one moment in the séance as briefly she looked to be chocking.  A feeling of extreme discomfort was experienced by her and she referred to this as something that linked with the spirit of the actor.

Anger and loss had been experiences felt by him but the male spirit said that he was a lot more calm about what had happened to him and how he had to leave loved ones.  Anger was something he felt a lot less and he liked that to be noted for his loved ones.

Goodbye was never something that he felt he could say in an appropriate way and he was someone who had tried to put emotion into what he did rather than what he said.

In the séance the medium who would in many a séance link in with a spirit individual was noted to have to keep stopping, the information was not as quick to be referred to and this was because the spirit explained he was able to think about issues a lot slower than he had in life.  At the end of the séance it seemed odd that there was a large blue Orb, unexplained light that was seen and noted.