Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 26th January 2016.

Any physical séance is an opportunity to investigate unexplained activity and to ask why certain incidents have occurred.  In this piece I will refer to notes about what was seen and heard by members of the séance, I will quote from information as stated by the medium and link in the research done after the séance was at an end.

A physical séance has to have particular arrangement as for the lighting and for the objects in the room.  As there may be light phenomena a low light is used in the séance room so as to allow for any activity to be as visible as possible, objects will also be checked and chosen because they are known to be things that spirit individuals can manipulate.

Member by member is checked in anticipation for the physical séance.  There was not many claims of any activity for the first few minutes of the investigation.  The room itself had been warm but within a few minutes it became a lot cooler.  The cool sense in a room can be an indication of claimed spirit individuals.  Often a lot of physical activity can have a link to each other, in many of the investigation physical séance a coolness in the area can be noted with other unexplained activity and this will be referred to before individual spirit will come through to the séance.  After the experience of the extreme coolness, members reported sighting Orbs.  Orbs are unexplained lights, often small and seen only for a few seconds these lights are regularly not caught by the eye but by a lens.  In the physical séance often these Orbs are seen by many of the members, a possible explanation could be because of the low lit lighting.  Seen for a few seconds each the lights were noted around members and this was as the medium claimed a spirit individual as in the physical séance.  The medium linked to a male who had been well known for his singing and his personal influence on films, stage and as a director.  It was interesting as the information came by the medium about the spirit individual there was a lot of noise activity and cracks were heard all around where the members were in the séance.  There was a lot of reference to films, to a mother and to his passing to spirit.  The anniversary part of the message was important and there was a link to the date 26 January.

Research about the 26 January after the séance has shown it to be an important anniversary link for him as it was that Frank Sinatra’s Mother, and Frank Sinatra Jr. were noted during a Funeral for Frank Sinatra’s Father – January 26, 1969 at Hoboken Cemetary in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.

There were other notable links for him on this date as…

Frank Sinatra had a notable concert in Rio De Janeiro 26 January 1980

On January 26, 1940,  it was that Sinatra made his first public appearance with the Dorsey band at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois.

Las Vegas was where he had another notable event on 26 January 1989

A completion has opened up in Frank Sinatra’s name with dates running from the 26 January of this year on a notable literary book site.

It is believed that Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra (December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998) an American singer, an actor, director and producer was the spirit who was noted in the physical séance.  He was one of the most notable individuals in many an industry and his influence was something that made a success of many songs, films and shows in a way that no one else could.  Relationships were something as talked about by the medium and it was linked to his love of people.  In spirit, the medium claimed, he had many friends around him.

Often a spirit individual will be mentioned, noted and information in research may evidence that they have come through in a physical séance because of an anniversary to do with a birth date or that of a passing.  In this physical séance it seems as if the date of the 26 January was not a birth or passing anniversary for Frank Sinatra himself as the individual in spirit but it was for his father and it was in the sense of many an important event which linked to him in life.

It is of interest that the medium spoke of seeing images and referred to a gathering in a Church like area, she talked of many people and an event which had Frank Sinatra at the heart.  The link talked of by the medium through the séance does refer to the funeral of Frank Sinatra’s father, something that would have been important for him.  It is odd that the link to the date anniversary also did overlap with that of the 26 January the day of the physical séance.

A physical séance of unexplained activity, information and a particular anniversary link the notes from what was an interesting investigation made for a somewhat unconventional but intriguing reference to Frank Sinatra.