Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 5th January 2016.

On what was to be the first physical séance after the holiday period, the members arrived at a checked and arranged location.  The séance was to be held in a low lit area, the objects which had been chosen had all been put out in a visible position and members were able to have full perspective on all that was to occur that evening.

The investigation into a physical séance is a blog account of the written research and notes which have been collated from the actual event itself.  A physical séance is a two hour investigation into physical evidence of spirit presence.  Members will be alerted as to spirit presence in a physical séance often by the unexplained activity that occurs.  Unexplained activity could be visual, audio, sensed or a combined experience of all of these.  The séance is observed by members and a medium.  The physical medium is someone who is claimed to have unexplained activity happen around them.

During the physical séance there may be a lot of links to individual spirits who are invited to make themselves known to the séance.  Information and activity could occur at the same time, often notes are made about name references or personal links and these will be researched after the physical séance for validation.

In the few moments at the start of the séance the members watched as the medium closed her eyes and began to talk about several spirits.  A male individual was talked about as someone who led many.  The name of Harold was given as was the reference to Anglo Saxon and it was as this was said that the temperature in the séance became cool in the extreme.  In research there were two Harold I and Harold II who could be linked to the information and activity which was noted.

There were other spirits referred to by the medium, and these were that of a female and another male.  It was at this time in the séance that I noticed, as did the séance, a lot of voices talking.  There were moments of speech as if people were talking and this could be heard from behind me.  There should not have been any cause for this audio type experience as there was only a thick wall behind the séance and nothing which could explain the voices from outside it.  The voices continued for a few minutes and while there were no distinct word reference that could be made out, it was an odd experience and one that the séance could all hear.  The voice phenomena did not stop there as later on in the séance a distant, far off sound of quiet singing could be heard.  It was once again an experience for the séance as all heard it.  While a sense experience of an event can not be as easily investigated as something visual or audio, several of the members said that a sense of calm and peace was sensed by them while they heard the singing.  The audio evidence of the singing went on for about a four to five minutes mid way through the physical séance.

Manifestations were claimed later in the physical séance and these were reported as outlines of bodies or light defined shapes of people.  Two were seen by two different members in the physical séance.  One was a shape of what appeared to be a tall person and this was claimed to be defined in white light and the other was a shorter but more identifiable image of a girl.  Later there was another audio experience and this was of a loud noise as if something had been dropped onto the table.  It was after the physical séance that the table was looked at for anything disrupted or moved out of where it should have been positioned and it was then that it was seen something had been altered from the way it had been at the start of the séance.  Pens which had been put in a holder had been clearly touched as one of them had been dropped out separately on to the table.  This was something that was interesting and unexplained as the table was in front of all members of the séance and no one could have manipulated what was seen without it being noted by the members.

The medium spoke about a female spirit, linked somewhat to what had happened in that of the physical activity that was seen, the medium had referred to the female as having a love for the written word in life.  Jane was linked to as a name and information was talked about as to what the medium could see about her.  Research has paired what was known about her in the séance to that of one Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817) who was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, set among the intriguing, landed gentry earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature.

Lights were seen by members in the séance as the medium talked about the spirit and as she introduced the spirit of a male.  Orbs were seen, unexplained lights, in and around the séance area as the medium talked of a male spirit who loved to make people laugh.

Peter Lawrence Boyle (October 18, 1935 – December 12, 2006) he was an American actor and best known for his role as Frank Barone on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, and as a comical monster in Mel Brooks’ film spoof about a family of monsters, an actor who was loved for his humour came into the physical séance with the medium reference to him.  The medium referred to the actor who was to be noted for a memorable date and linked to information about how he would like to be noted.  It was an interesting few minutes of speech about the gentleman in spirit as the medium linked to loves of the individual in life.

Another physical experience was that of when several members claimed a sense of someone being behind them.  No one could be seen but the sense seemed to be definite for the members who reported it and it was after they claimed the experience that a lot of audio evidence of clicks and taps could be heard on objects and the wall around those same members.

An interesting physical séance, there were moments of members questions at how the unexplained physical activity could have happened and minutes where information from spirit seemed to coincide with that of something physically occurring to an object linked with what they loved in their life.  The member experience toward the end of the séance did suggest that they had sensed someone right behind them.  While the person was not seen by other members, the medium did talk about who the individual was and blue lights were seen as Orbs around the area where the claimed spirit had been.

A physical séance of experience, information and action, it was an important séance for me to attend as claims occurred as and when activity could be seen by the séance.