Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 15th December 2015.

Physical séance.

A physical séance is an important part of an investigation into spirit activity.  It is in a physical séance that one may be able to see, hear or sense unexplained information and activity.  In a physical séance one can often investigate claimed messages from spirits and unexplained activity may be noted at the same times as this information from spirits.

I have always loved to note what can occur in a physical séance.  It is a checked setting where members will be able to watch as things happen.  In the physical séance spirits are asked to participate in what can be seen, heard or sensed by the members.  Sometimes there will be a period of a lot of incidents and everything from messages, information and unexplained activity will all be noted.  After the physical séance then information will be researched and activity will be investigated.  If the information is linked to an individual or if activity is unexplained after an investigation then it can be termed as evidence.

In the physical séance there was a few moments where many of the members claimed an experience.  Some of the members claimed seeing Orbs, unexplained lights in the room.  There were members who claimed a sighting.  The sighting was of what looked to be a person who walked quickly to the extreme, the member claimed that the individual looked to be walking through the séance.  The medium talked about a sighting of three spirits.  There were two who she could see but not link with a lot of information about, one of the spirits was someone who had been a female detective writer in life and there was a male political person who in spirit was keen to be a part of the séance.

The third spirit came in to the séance as members claimed physical smell in the room.  There were two short but intense moments when a smell was strongly claimed as there by the members in the séance.  The medium talked of a man who was well known to comics.  Information was linked to by the medium and referred to the séance.  It is believed from what was said that Oliver “Ollie” Hardy (born Norvell Hardy) (January 18, 1892 – August 7, 1957) who was an American comic actor famous as one half of Laurel and Hardy, the classic double act that began in the era of silent films and lasted 25 years, from 1927 to 1951 is the spirit who was noted in the séance.  The medium smiled as she watched the spirit and talked of him as having many friends in spirit.  One of his friends referenced him as a guy with a big heart.  In life Ollie Hardy was credited with his first film, Outwitting Dad, in 1914 and was an actor who was taken to the heart of a nation.  In the séance the medium talked of a link to Babe and it is that in life in some of Hardy’s early works, he was billed as Babe Hardy, using his nickname.  In the physical séance members were able to enjoy moments where the medium, the spirit and members all seemed to note activity which occurred at the same time.  There were smells, information and a message from the spirit about how he saw acting as a beautiful professional way to open oneself to people.

It was a physical séance that linked to moments of activity, information and a message.  Spirits were seen by the medium and one was that of a comedian who did seem to be keen to be linked by what was sensed and heard about him.  As an investigation into spirit activity it was an interesting and full two hour physical séance.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a success filled New Year.  Mediums Network will be taking a little break but will be back in two weeks time.