Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 17th November 2015.

An investigation into activity at a physical séance.

A physical séance has to be held with certain restrictions in place.  Checks have to be done to both the room where the séance will be and to the members who will sit in the investigation.

After the room is checked, there will be specific objects placed and members will be asked to sit in their seats without moving while the séance is in progress.  The séance has to be low lit as it is believed that spirit phenomena will be readily visible and easier to note in a lower lit area.

In the séance it was about five minutes in when light activity was claimed as seen by the members.  Orbs were noted, unexplained lights that were visible for a few seconds each.  The lights were in evidence for a few minutes and several were seen around members.  The unexplained lights were of interest as they are difficult to explain, lights that have no possible cause as for how they were seen from inside the room and which were noted prior to information from spirit individuals to the séance.  The message based information was linked to by the medium and lasted for a half an hour.

Smells were claimed and noted as the voices of spirit were heard in the séance.  As the medium spoke different spirit individuals were able to pass on information and it was as this was happening that strong scents of cigarettes and perfume could be smelt.  In validation of the activity people who knew of the spirit individuals in life could link the physical smells to them.  A man who had smoked in life and was in spirit speaking to the séance came in with the smell of cigarettes.  Later another incident occurred with that of a lady and her favourite scent of perfume.  Both these occasions were of interest because it was somewhat quickly that a smell would be noticed and then disappear from the séance.  There was no explanation for how the smells were noticed in the séance or for how quickly they would leave as the spirit would finish speaking.

It was a séance which had unexplained noises, knocks on objects, information about individuals in life and their message from spirit.  There was information of interest because of the validated phrase or word used.  Members looked on as information from spirits made links with people.  The séance had a few moments of important links, there was a message in amongst the other ones which did have an emotional meaning for the spirit and recipient.

A séance of links, of physical smells, sight and evidence of sound.  It was a few hours which gave people a lot of information to consider.  It is of interest when a physical séance can give one evidence that makes you think.  It is easy to note evidence, one can look into possible explanations for why or how it took place but when something is left unexplained and has a significant positively based result on members then one has to ask is a physical séance as good as its evidence or can it be judged by what the activity achieves.