Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 27th October 2015.

Notes of a physical séance.

Any physical séance is dependant on the regulations, the checks and the preparation of the area as to the objective degree of its results.  In the investigation into a physical séance there is significant checks both to the room and for the members who will sit to note any unexplained activity.  Visual, audio and sense experiences may all be claimed during a séance and in a physical sitting it is important for all these evidence forms to be explored before any suggestion can be put forward as to how or why they have been noted.

Clark Gable February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960 was an American idol, he was a film actor, often referred to as “The King of Hollywood” or just simply as “The King”.  The medium spoke within the first half an hour about a male spirit.  Known for his good looks, his debonair style and wit, this man was someone who demanded attention on screen.  Quite taken by acting and what it could do in the public eye, Clark Gable is believed to be the male spirit in the séance.  There were several minutes when the medium referred to information about and from the male spirit.  Public information was noted about him and then as the Orbs, unexplained little round lights were seen in the room, the spirit voice was noted to talk to the séance.

Shy, the male spirit said, I was awfully shy when I was young and I loved to hide behind people.  I would think a lot though, imagination was the key to many ideas for me and when I worked on imagining myself in parts of plays.  I went through a time of loving mechanics, how things were put together, bit by bit.

The room was slightly cooler as the spirit finished speaking.  Having spoken of his early life, the spirit talked about what films had done for his life and how it had not always been easy to be away from his children.  Children were important to the spirit because later he referred to James as being on the little screen or TV, research has shown that Clark James Gable is in fact Clark Gable’s grandson and does present television shows.  The spirit sent all his love to James.

It is of interest for the purpose of research that Clark James Gable appears to have a birthday on 20 September, this is a date which does become important in its connection to a later piece of information about the second spirit who was claimed to have been in the physical séance that evening.

The séance was not quiet for long, there was a lot of taps and knocks on what seemed to be the inside walls.  The medium spoke of a glitzy and glamorous lifestyle that had been as full of interest as it had been full of extremes in attitude towards it.  A female spirit, the medium reported a lady who had an anniversary which had been recently commemorated.  A loved sister, someone who had missed her lately the spirit was referred to as Jackie Collins.  Jacqueline Jill Collins OBE 4 October 1937 to 19 September 2015 was an English romance novelist.  She moved to Los Angeles in the 1960s, where she then lived, became a U.S. citizen and spent most of her career.  In the séance the female spirit spoke about the difficulty of accepting things in life but that it was easier to broach those same subjects from spirit.  In the séance there was a lot of reference from the medium about the spirit.

There were claims of unexplained sightings from members in the séance.  Several times in the sitting members stated that they could see movement, these claims denoted sighting of activity as if people were moving in the séance.  All the members remained seated throughout the physical séance but the sitters were questioned about their reference to activity and responses correlated about what was seen.  There were reports of what were shadow like forms or figures that had seemed to walk quickly through the séance.

The medium finished talking of the spirit who she gave reference to in appearance and personality.  The lady broached sad events, happy times and a message of life meaning a collection of all these minutes.  She thanked the séance as she was said to leave.  It is of interest that in research following the séance, it appears that Jackie Collins OBE had a passing date of 19 September, an anniversary one day before that of a birthday reference to the loved grandson talked of by that of the first male spirit.

The séance was full of links, interest and claimed activity.  It was of interest that not only was information spoken of by spirits in the séance but there was personal sentiments that seemed to link with unexplained activity seen by the members.  A séance which was about loved ones, information and activity, the sitters agreed that it had been an active two hours.