Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 8th September 2015.

A physical séance investigation.

The séance started in silence, its members were accordingly in trance or watching out for any unexplained notable activity.

The medium who was in trance was able to note a female spirit.  A lady who had loved the high life.  This was a woman who knew at an early age that she had to work to get the notoriety many had.  Equality was important for her.  Life was only an ambition achieved if you could say you had gone all out with the attempt.  The medium started to talk with eyes closed and a different voice to that of her own said many were passengers and if you wanted to be in the front seat then you had to say what you wanted and be ready to see all your hard work through, ambition wasn’t enough.

Lauren Bacall, born Betty Joan Perske; September 16, 1924 – August 12, 2014) was an American actress known for her distinctive voice, she was noticed amongst many reasons for her sultry looks and is felt through information noted that she was the female spirit of the séance.  Lauren Bacall was named the 20th greatest actress of the 20th century by the American Film Institute, and she received an Academy Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2009.  It was while the medium was talking about Lauren Bacall and later in trance that a lot of odd phenomena was noted.  Claimed scents were smelt in the séance.  A strong smell of perfume was detected by the sitters for a few minutes.  Cool temperatures were reported as within seconds the room grew icy and then minutes later the séance returned to an ambient temperature.  It was an activity that had been noted on many occasions in a séance and was something that was unexplained.  Knocks and taps were heard on several of the items which had been put out.  There was an attempt to communicate in and around the sounds.  One of the members asked if spirit were responsible for the noises could they repeat the sound but this was not done.  The noises did seem odd as there was a lot of the taps and knocking noted for a specific timeframe.

Leonard Rossiter (21 October 1926 – 5 October 1984) was an English actor.  He had a long career in the theatre.  His enduring popularity and notoriety came in particular from playing Rupert Rigsby in the British comedy television series, in the film of the same name Rising Damp (1974–80), and as Reginald Perrin, in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (1976–79).  In the séance the medium stated there being another spirit.  Members had just noted an odd activity as several sitters felt as if their chairs had moved or were being tampered with, sitters reported feeling as if someone was moving their chairs about from behind them.  While this was not visible, there were many reports of it occurring in the séance during that time.  The medium stated a male spirit who was a comedic actor, someone who loved to see people laughing.  He was known as Leonard and linked to by the medium, there was information about his often straight laced serious antics which led to many a smile.

Members reports of their sense of being moved around lasted almost as long as the medium was linking to the male spirit.  A funny man, the medium said he had friends and a maternal link in spirit.  Love the minutes of life, the spirit said, don’t watch the clock for the appointments, enjoy life for what it is.  As the medium finished talking, many of the members’ who were in trance also joined the séance.

The séance was able to note claims of physical activity, unexplained sounds and smells.  There was an interest in the research which matched identities to individuals of film and stage.  It was an interesting séance to have experienced.