Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 25th August 2015.

Horror and comedy.

The physical séance and an investigation into what occurred.

The members took to their seats in the room which had been checked and arranged with specific objects for the physical séance investigation.  The sitters started to observe any physical activity which may occur.  It was not long before the temperature started to cool to the point where members noticed it.  It was notable as there was a cool wind which brushed past member’s faces and hands.  It was odd as the temperature was so different to that of minutes before and with such an interesting fluctuation one started to look for a possible explanation for why.  There was no door open as to cause the wind which was felt and from what was investigated there did not seem to be anything to explain the five minute temperature phenomena.

Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE (26 May 1913 – 11 August 1994) who was an English actor and a BAFTA TV Award Best Actor winner in 1956.  There were clicks, taps and distinct knocks that were heard from what seemed to be the inside walls.  Noises were not the only noted activity, there was a lot of Orbs or unexplained little light sighting.  The blue lights were depicted by several of the sitters and it is of interest that the medium at that point started to talk of a male spirit, an actor who went by the name of Peter.  A gentleman he was referred as being in life, one who had beliefs he held close to heart.  The creaks, taps and clicks started up again as the name of Peter was mentioned.  The medium went into information and indicated a few links to be later researched.  It is believed from the information and the research that the claimed spirit was that of Peter Wilton Cushing OBE.  He is mainly known for being an actor in many horror roles and what is of interest is that there was an anniversary for his passing date not long ago from when the physical séance sat.

Oliver “Ollie” Hardy (born Norvell Hardy) (January 18, 1892 – August 7, 1957) was an American comic actor noted as one half of the notable Laurel and Hardy.  In the séance talk turned to that of two other male spirits who were seen.  These two were ones who had a lot of time paired in life and were symbolically known as the double act.  The medium in partial trance smiled as she referred to the two, the men who could cause laughter on and off the set.  Children loved them and the two were keen to talk of an anniversary link.  One of them was to have a reference to an anniversary.  As the medium linked to different information, two notable physical unexplained incidents occurred.  The room seemed for a few minutes to have been lit up, there was an odd cast of light as if from another light that was not physically in the séance investigation.  This light was only seen momentarily.  There was a little odd set of claims from members who reported hearing muted whispers and one of the sitters around the same few minutes claimed feeling as if someone patted her.  The medium gave more information about the two spirits and their memory of life on stage.  It was never meant to end there the medium stated one of the spirits as saying, we helped to make the world laugh.  Tread the boards the once and you know your hearts been taken, take to the cameras twice and any other ambitions will be forsaken.  The relationship of the two was something that was evident in their appearance in spirit and the medium went on to say that one of them was happy to be seen.  His grandfather had meant a lot in his career.  The classic double act that began in the era of silent films had a notable history as one of the funniest comedy pairings.  It was also of interest to note Peter Cushing OBE and Laurel and Hardy were referred in articles as having worked alongside each other.

Since having written up part of our finding from the investigation into a physical séance there have been reports in the news about Peter Cushing OBE referring to an aim to digitally enhance and depict an image of him for a film series of which he had been in many years ago.

It was a physical séance where lights were evident, unexplained noises and sense phenomena did occur.  The anniversary links to passing dates checked out for the two gentlemen in spirit but there were other parts of information which had questions answered and through research suggests that possible evidence of spirit may have occurred in the investigation.