Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 18th August 2015.

Notes on a physical séance.

Materialisation, apports, object phenomena, voice activity and unexplained experiences pertaining to visual or sense can all be a part of the physical séance.  There have been séance investigations which have noted many different forms of activity in all areas of physical evidence.  There are some investigations which have minimum physical activity or notable experiences in one area of either visual, audible, sense or object activity.  Objective analysis is given to numerous reference of sightings, claims of sense or audible experience.  Evidence noted by means of a physical séance will be questioned and if unexplained placed within the category of possible spirit activity.

Maurice Barbanell 3rd May 1902 to 17th July 1981 was the name linked to by the medium in the first part of the séance.  The séance had noted little visual Orb sightings.  The blue lights were noted around members and for a short period of time.  The cool temperature which was different to that of a few minutes ago was noted by some of the members.  There was a smell or more particularly a scent which was depicted by all the sitters, and the medium referred to there being one male spirit.  The medium talked of information she could note.  There was reference to the individual talking about spirit, how he had investigated the concepts of spirit himself.  A séance was well prepared if it had the ability to denote what was occurring with a level of objectivity.  Too many séances were expecting a lot but not putting in the effort to ensure that experiences were teaching the members about the spirits.  Teaching guides had been lost to many because people felt themselves important enough to take on the running process of a séance themselves.  Without spirit insight a séance was like a house without inhabitants.  In life Maurice Barbanell was the Founder-Editor of Psychic News and this is an interesting link as a lot of the voice phenomena was focused on the ideology of spirit.

Materialisation is a point when a full apparition of spirit can be seen.  The apparition can be of any individual but will often have an easily visible form.  It was forty minutes into the séance when the materialisation was noted.  I have to say that what I viewed was what looked to be a person, not too tall in height, walking through the séance.  It was quick and as an experience it was over in a matter of seconds, blink and you could have missed it.  What interested me was that the figure of the person was quick to walk through where we were all sat but then before it left the room it stopped and for that short period I had a better look at how normal and everyday the apparition appeared.

The séance was talking about the “walk through” moment as it was labelled by people.  Before the incident there had been a series of odd clicks which had been noted and after the sighting many of the sitters reported hearing voices as if many people were talking.  The voice phenomena of the earlier spirit, one Maurice Barbanell, had talked of spirit and lasted a few minutes.  The speech had been of interest as it had sounded to be a male voice which had come out of the slight female medium.

The séance had a lot of unexplained moments.  The many moments of physical activity were all questioned and referred to by the members of the séance.  The materialisation was of interest as it was something that all members could see at the same time, the timing was odd and unexplained as to how someone could cross the séance room as that person did.  Questions about the incident included how the person appeared and disappeared, how they could get across the closely sat séance room without anyone sensing them and the timing of what was noted in the séance.  It was an interesting investigation and one which had many people intrigued by what was noted, seen and thought by the séance.