Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 4th August 2015.

Messages, intriguing information and a Happy Birthday link all were noted in that of our last physical séance.  The séance itself was notable for momentous activity, links to individuals and evidence of both occurring together.

Happy Birthday!  The medium spoke out part way into the séance and in trance she started to report a lady who had recently in spirit been planning an event to commemorate an anniversary with a loved one from life.  A birthday seemed to be the sensed link but it was an important one.  He was, a darling the lady in spirit spoke fluently and easily with a warm lilt to her voice as she said that the man was a companion in life, a quick witted lovely man who knew her heart and knew the inner workings of her soul.

The lady in spirit linked to this loved one for about ten minutes, image after image was referred to by the medium, films, a long standing relationship which had seen the pair in a love war as termed by the lady in spirit.  As the information came a cool gust of air was noted around the sitters.  The room is thoroughly checked before the séance and there was no known explanation for how the cool air started up, lasted for the duration of the speech in trance from the spirit and then disappeared when the information finished.  There was other activity noted in the form of small lights in green, these unexplained lights can be termed as orbs.  It is thought from the information linked to that the female spirit in the séance was Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, DBE and that she was referring to Richard Burton CBE.

Richard Burton, CBE (10 November 1925 to 5 August 1984) was a Welsh stage and cinema actor who was noted for his mellifluous voice and his great acting talent.  In the séance there was a link to many events from the female spirit and while this was being talked of there was unexplained scents of perfume strongly noted for a few minutes in the séance.  A happy birthday link was connected to the gentleman but as you will note the 5 August which would have been only a day after when the séance sat would have been an anniversary for his passing.  It is interesting because the female spirit was intent on stating that they were to have a large party for him, she said it was a major event for him and that to her it was as if he was having a birthday to remember.  There was a link from her to a ring that she cherished from Richard Burton CBE and that she still loved him like day one.

Establishing himself as a formidable actor in the 1950s, Richard Burton CBE was notable for his films and theatre work.  In the séance it was intriguing that as the female spirit linked to him the members were able to note temperature differences and light activity in the form of orbs.

Burton was nominated seven times for an Academy Award, he was a recipient of Golden Globe, BAFTA and Tony Awards all for Best Actor.  In the mid-1960s Burton ascended into the ranks of the top box office stars, he was one of the highest-paid actors in the world, receiving fees of $1 million or more plus a share of the gross receipts.  Burton remains closely associated in the public consciousness with his second wife Elizabeth Taylor and is felt by the séance this is why the couple were noted together, with one linking to the other with information.  The couple’s turbulent relationship was rarely out of the public press and in the séance there was a lot of time where we were able to note information, voice links from the medium and unexplained activity all in honour of the claimed event held for Richard Burton CBE.

In a physical séance one of course is able to investigate the unexplained activity which may or may not occur.  There is also an opportunity to reference any information which is evidenced as a link.  Often it is the spirit themselves who comes forward with information, both publicly known and private, to validate who they are but in this recent séance there were two spirits who had come through it was claimed to talk about someone they loved or knew well.  It is somewhat of interest that on the one occasion they should both be referenced together and in the one séance.

For those who read last week’s blog of the physical séance you will note that the next spirit to be noted was the same who had been referenced in that of the last séance, Richard Arthur Beckinsale (6 July 1947 – 19 March 1979) he was an English actor, best known for his roles as Lennie Godber in the popular BBC sitcom Porridge (along with its sequel series Going Straight) and he was known as Alan Moore in the British sitcom Rising Damp.  In the séance the male spirit was quick to say that he had another smaller lady with him, a lady who was a dear friend and an acting partner.  Appearance of the lady was linked to along with the way she had to wear her hair, there was links and information about her, it is thought from what was said that Violet Helen Carson is the lady in question.

Violet Helen Carson, OBE (1 September 1898 – 26 December 1983) was an English actress, she worked in both radio and television, she was a singer and pianist, who had a long and loved career as an actress.  She was a performer during the early days of BBC radio, and during the latter decades of her life as the matronly gossip Ena Sharples in the British television soap opera Coronation Street.  It is this link which Richard Beckinsale in spirit was keen to refer, he had the lady by his side and said I started out with her in an episode of Coronation Street.  The male spirit was eager to talk of an anniversary link for a birthday, and to pass on his message of a happy birthday for her.

Research has shown that Richard Beckinsale did in fact appear in an episode of Coronation Street with Violet Helen Carson.  Richard moved to Crewe to begin in repertory theatre, like most newly graduated actors at the time, and then he made his television debut in 1969 as a police officer in Coronation Street, in which he had to arrest veteran character Ena Sharples.  In the séance the couple were noted as friends, as colleagues and there were unexplained noises which came from all around the séance as the two spirits were noted.

The séance was of interest as spirits were referenced not for their own lifetimes or careers but for that of a loved one or a regular colleague.  The physical activity was unexplained and the timing was noted just before or as spirits were noted in the séance.  The atmosphere was a calm one as sitters noted what occurred in the séance, attempted to explain what was experienced and noted what was apparent.