Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 28th July 2015.

A physical séance can be defined by what occurs during those few hours of investigatory analysis.  It is in the observed activity, the explanation and the summation of events that one can classify how significant a séance has been.

The preliminary set up for the séance is important as claims can be made about activity surrounding items, parts of the séance room and all these reports have to be examined.  It was as the séance was opened that members noted that the medium was talking.  The medium was informing about two male spirits, one had been a good hearted man, a young spirit who was young at heart.  He knew of a life as an actor and he had two daughters, he talked of daughters and a loving poem he had for them, the medium kept referring to my daughters and my friends are my guiding lights.  He has a present for them, the medium said, this comes with a Happy Birthday.  In the minutes that followed there was a poem which was given out while the medium was in trance, a semi conscious state where the medium with eyes closed relays words and information from claimed spirit.  The poem recited in the séance is written in full below at the end of this blog.  Richard Arthur Beckinsale (6 July 1947 to 19 March 1979) was an English actor, he was best known for his roles as Lennie Godber in the popular BBC sitcom Porridge (along with its sequel series Going Straight) and Alan Moore in the British sitcom Rising Damp.  It is this gentleman who is believed to be the spirit claimed in the séance.  The gentleman who was an actor during the period of which the medium spoke also had two daughters, Kathrin Romary Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973) who is an English actress and Samantha Jane Beckinsale (born 23 July 1966) who is also an English actress.  The spirit of the gentleman had a message of a Happy Birthday for them both.

The séance continued for a little with no reports of any activity.  It was a while in when one of the members noted that they felt as if someone was with or near them, they could hear scratching on the table in front.  On listening out it has to be said that there was a definitive scratching noise as if someone was touching the table.  The noise continued for a few minutes during which time there was a number of odd but visible blue orbs or lights which were depicted in the séance.

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle KStJ, DL (22 May 1859 to 7 July 1930) was a Scottish writer and a physician, most noted for his fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes.  The medium linked to another male spirit, someone who wrote and who investigated areas of his life.  He was a particular person, the medium said, someone who was interested in the unseen and had to answer the questions that he thought were needed in life.  A passing anniversary and birthdate of the same month linked the two gentlemen and the medium informed about the two male spirits who were connected by a love for friends, for relatives and for pursuing what they thought of as inspirational in life.

The medium talked a little about the spirit who had written about crimes, intrigue and had known that life was too short for many.  The spirit had a little boy and came to regard his life work as reminders that one should never rest on their laurels, they should attempt to ask about what intrigues them, to investigate, to fully understand what life means and to live at peace with one’s own conscience.

It was an interesting séance and one which I noted had a link to information and physical activity.  The poem which was talked of is written in full.  Evidence of which while it can not be researched does show a little insight into the forms of information which can sometimes be seen in a physical séance.

Flowers of my heart.

The flowers of my heart,

the work I have cultivated, the children and the shared lives from which I am never far apart.

My life was not lost for in you both I see

my lifelong ambition, my life lived free.

With you both at work, rest and more I live on in your hearts and rest assured

for you, my angels, my guardians whose lives now live on adorned

You have passports to achievements, experiences to be set free

In your joys, your happiness, may you both have the knowledge that I am still me

I watch the flowers of my heart, live strong, live tall and live to all that they can be.