Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 30th June 2015.

What can a physical séance reveal?

A séance itself is an investigatory appeal to spirits for some form of communication.  A physical séance is an investigation into visible evidence of spirits.  The séance itself has to provide an explanation of events or incidents which have been objectively noted.

This recent séance was an intriguing investigation to observe.  There were several unexplained forms of activity.  Members noted lights in the shape of blue orbs.  These blue lights were small and they were seen to seemingly float in the air.

Marguerite Patten was the name of the first spirit to be noted.  The medium talked of a lady who had contributed to journalism, to writing about a passion, to talking with individuals about her love in life and to doing something which had stayed with her since childhood.  The blue orbs were seen before the name was mentioned.

In the séance the temperature was low, there was an odd moment where the difference in the temperature seemed extreme.  Members started to talk about how cool it was, names of loved ones were mentioned and linked to for an interesting few minutes.  There was a time in the séance when the medium started to refer to names, lots of them linked with the sitters as they were able to claim the names and the particular information which came with them.  This period did seem to be extremely full of emotion, the words were said quickly and with emphasis, the sitters talked of this for a while into the ongoing séance.

The medium spoke again about the lady in spirit who she said was in the séance and referred to a life of lovely visual and sense experiences.  It is thought that after research and looking into the person Marguerite Patten CBE, née Brown (4 November 1915 – 4 June 2015) was the individual who was linked to in the séance.

A few minutes in the séance were filled with noises.  This started with one of the members noting a voice in the séance and after explaining what she had heard the rest of the séance did also note the voices which seemed to be of a person whispering.  It was audible enough to be heard but words could not be clearly understood.  It was odd, as the noise seemed to go around the séance but there was nothing to explain where it could have come from.  The séance noted this odd activity for a five minutes.

The séance then had an experience of physical linking.  Members reported feeling someone patting them on the head and hands.  Several but not all of the members did claim that they felt as if someone was patting them.

Interesting and intriguing the séance had minutes of activity and information.  The connection to members sensing occurrences was of interest but other than several people noting what had occurred there was no physical evidence, the orbs, the voices and the temperature did act as a different class of evidence as it could be physically noted by the members and was seen by all of the séance.  There was an electric object which also started to act as what could be thought of oddly in the séance as it started to work without anyone having pressed it or intervened in operating it.  The séance was able to watch it work for a few minutes, the time of it coming to life was arguably persuasive as evidence of spirit, members had just asked for activity and it was at that minute that it caused shock amongst the members as it started to operate itself.