Haunted Britain.

 England with its green lands and layers of history is a remarkable island full of spiritual stories, men who seek the justice they fought for in life and the marvels of the British countryside where more than a sheep or two will roam the grassy pastures. 

Visiting our nation and finding out about its heritage is a stepping stone if you like, to a more gothic angle, a more spiritual side which with little more than a curious heart will keep the stereotypical British village cultural passion burning. 

In Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire the ruler of the first established Saxon Kingdom of Wessex is said to have had such vision and spiritual sight that he could be known as nothing other and would go down in legend as the Great one. 

The ruler’s name, the leader of the Saxon settlement of Wessex was Alfred and back 1,100 years ago under his rule Britain was born.  There is an atmosphere in Dorset, when you stand on the peaks of those wind swept lands, a feeling that is unlike any other and an energy which resonates in your body and tells you these monuments, the temples standing tall, represent a deeper spiritual understanding of an epic second when man watched the birth of time.

Dartmoor with its brooding bleak sedges is a chilling point from which one can stride where once many feet had pounded, the errant young boys who worked the land against the backdrop of the first settlers who made home and staked territorial boundaries on the same area, it is a delve of discovery from where many a spirit based event has sprung.

Bodmin Jail in Cornwall and the desolate looking Whitby Bay where Bram Stoker first put ink to paper and captured his version of Count Dracula is a good accolade to the landscape of notorious descent, the atmospheric walk ways which lead to cemeteries and misty cobbles whereby you can do nothing other than feel that someone is watching over your shoulder and your vision blurs to see something more spooky on the horizon.  

Yorkshire is a fine and somewhat excellent mix of the remains of the old forts, the ruins of castles once owned by the fabled evil Lords and Landowners and the more spirit led account of the carts without horses which are seen late into the eve having travelled their spirit carved lanes in and upon the rural fields.    

Avebury is a place to marvel at with stone circles that create a mood which touches the soul and Somerset with its accounts of Avalon the place King Arthur is said to rest, the enchantment along with a glow of mysticism creeps in to the spirit of any to visit.

The British castles with their narrow secret corridors and chambers that unlock when you least expect are a bond left unbroken to the footfall of those ladies in waiting and love endured couples who snuck behind those alcoves.  Warwickshire and Herefordshire has seen so much fighting that it is known as England’s cockpit and of course is the place of sighting for ghostly warriors with Charles the 1st having established his headquarters there during the civil war.  Imposing builds which speak stories of their own it can be claimed that this part of our home land is also the natural habitat for more than many can see with the normal eye. 

The south does compete in the spooky place contest with the north and it does so with an almighty spiritual affinity to the battle where William of Normandy strode with his army across the Sussex lands and triumphed on Telham Hill where he fought King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Ghostly battles and men wearing their patriotic tunics still are keen to show their resolve though now their more spiritual energies are what is noticed by those fortunate to catch a look.  The brutal instinct has to some extent been the human’s best friend and it has meant that in those early bloody sagas it was this force to exist which pushed the native Britons to the borders of the Welsh boundary lines in a fight to the death that 600 years could not solve.

The rugged Cornish coastline is a stark natural contrast of life and the elements.  Its maritime heritage have meant it has folk lore deeply founded in the lives of those once Smugglers who spent their hours hiding their washed in valuable loot and of those Pirates who shipped in to the rocky coast below.

Pluckley is a little Kentish hamlet rumoured to have been the site of numerous spirit haunting, with phenomena unexplained and left to perplex the visiting public.  HamptonCourtPalace is a castle where if you stay the night you might get a little more than you bargained for.

There are spiritual soldiers still boldly set to their posts, fighting and seen dressed in the archaic army garbs.  These valiant few hundred are still known to march their ghostly way past villages and inns on their diversion from their proper spiritual homes.

Spirit have a sown in thread weaved into our lives.  The streets of the North are still reminders of those who once lived there and it is not hard to see from the look and the architecture that the people and forefathers of our towns have left all kinds of memories from their moments on this level.    

The Romans, Saxons and Jutes were purported to have sailed into the south, the Kent Garden of the country, invading and conquering with many who lost their lives in the attempt. 

The Towers of London with Traitors Gate is a historic nod to those who lost their lives due to the loyalties they had.  The infinite tales of the horrid highway men who stole the necklace and the last baited breath of their intended targets.

All the spook laced tales encountered cities, landscapes and counties known to us today.  Our capital was prone to the gritty and heart stopping ghostly feuds that took lives and struck horror in the heart.

It is beneficial to take to heart the true extent of our spirit past as haunted Britain as we know it is a blend of our spiritual backgrounds and our contemporary lives.  Next time you go on a holiday to the south coast or visit family friends in the Yorkshire Dales just remember that the place where you stand may have been the spot of residual energy for thousands of others before you.