Happy Birthday King Henry VIII.

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Notes from a physical home circle..

When we attend a physical circle or any mode of spiritual sitting it is with a purpose to invite spirit and bring in interactivity, this may involve levitation of objects, materialisation of spirit to faces or full outlines of loved ones and paranormal activity. 


King Henry VIII  28 June 1491 was the spirit who made an appearance not only to show that spirit have a knowledge of what is occurring but also because there was a personal connection to be discovered.  In this first circle, to sit after a break of some weeks, energies helped in their number in bringing forward their wishes for the meeting ahead.  The faces of many spirit were seen, the icy chill notable as the first stages in manifestation are to take place came into the awareness of the members and as this came the name of Bridewell Palace was mentioned by spirit. 

The name of King Henry VIII and a Bridewell Palace had resonance, although at the time the two were noted without knowing how they were important to one another.  The circle then was witness to sounds echoing from above a table.  Out of thin air two cracks could be heard and following it a spirit who walked in could be seen in his full form.  There was an allusion once again made by spirit to Bridewell but it came more as a feeling of limitation and depression.  A lady was seen bringing in a gold coal scuttle and her intention was in her mention of London.  The spirit was seen and as she left she lastly made an impression of wealth or having had some expenses on this side.  All the information put down and held next visible were a number of scenes of capture along with carts.  Bridewell which was later looked into was found to originally home a residence of King Henry VIII. It was built first on the banks of the Fleet River in the City of London, between Fleet Street and the River Thames in an area today known as ‘Bridewell Court’ off New Bridge Street. Its function as a palace, was only until in 1555 it became a poorhouse and in 1556 it became a jail known as Bridewell Prison. This would account as the more taught feelings made themselves known with spirit.  The prison was closed in 1855 but clearly energies had not forgotten.

The name itself ‘Bridewell’ subsequently became synonymous with police stations, crime and detention facilities in England and in Ireland. The spirits insisted on mentioning it to highlight penalty and arrest even if it was unjust, it was also used as the name across the water of the city jail in Chicago in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Henry VIII next visible in his form stood in the spiritual meeting.  Members saw him, one watched as he looked contently and made a gesture towards one of the sitters.  It was not known why but later things became understood as the same person who attended that night had a birthday coming up on the 27th of June and when researched the date of the 28th June today was found to be nothing other than King Henry VIII birthday.  Not only did he make it public that he had a similarity in the closeness of birth dates to the sitter but also this blog written coincides with his day of celebration.  Henry VIII had a reason additionally to being present in spirit and that was his ownership of the Bridewell palace the same being spoken of by spirit and was built on the site of the medieval St Bride’s Inn at a cost of £39,000 for Henry VIII, who lived there 1515–1523. Standing on the banks of the River Fleet, it was named after a nearby well dedicated to the St Bride. The papal delegation had preliminary meetings in at Bridewell in 1528 to discuss the King’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon. The building was a project of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

Bridewell Palace it seemed was vital for spirit to talk about in the circle.  The Palace consisted of two brick-built courtyards, with the royal lodgings arranged around the three-storey inner courtyard and grand processional staircase led to them from the outer courtyard. Bridewell was the first royal palace not to have a great hall and its processional staircase was a feature that recurs in Henry VIII’s later residences it came along with the spirit’s memory of this build. On the north side of the outer courtyard were the kitchens and gatehouse with a long gallery 240 feet or 80 metres which connected the inner court with Blackfriars, issuing out at Apothecaries Hall on Blackfriars Lane, the Palace was to have an eventful history and one which spirit wanted to discuss.

From palace to prison and spirit memories of what it meant to them..

The sitting felt a mixture of cool air and child spirit were seen but dressed in archaic clothing.  In 1553, Edward VI gave the palace over to the City of London for the housing of homeless children and for the punishment of “disorderly women”.   This might be due and in part the main source of distress for the spirits who came to talk to the sitting.  The City took full possession in 1556 and turned the site into a prison, then hospital, and workrooms. 

In the late 17th century, the infamous London brothel keeper Elizabeth Cresswell was incarcerated in Bridewell Prison, possibly it was for reneging on a debt. Her spirit was who is believed came so imploringly to the spiritual group.  She died on the same ground as that of the children who all lined up in their spirit form, the condition which befell them made the last days of their lives not something to be envied with Elizabeth’s passing at some point between 1684-98.  She is probably said from articles to be interred in the Bridewell graveyard and legend runs that in her will she left £10 for a sermon to be read that said nothing ill of her. After considerable time, a young clergyman was found who would perform the funeral rites. After an extremely lengthy sermon on finer points in social morality, he said “By the will of the deceased it is expected that I should mention her and say nothing but what was well of her. All I shall say of her, therefore, is this — she was born well, lived well, and died well; for she was born with the name of Cresswell, lived at Clerkenwell, and died in Bridewell.”

Elizabeth Cresswell had an atrocious time in Bridewell in its days as a jail.  For those of you who read this blog you may remember the Mr. Cayce who also visited our circle to bring up his plight and more to reveal the hidden and little talked of way in which his body was taken beneath the jail where he had been forced to reside and even when he had been hanged his body had been retained by the state to be set aside under the stone penitentiary, having had a likened end to her life Elizabeth Cresswell was also made to carry out a sentence after her passing as she too was buried within the grounds of the reform facility and not been given permission to return to her birth town of Knockholt in Kent England.   

This awful decision to go against what the individual had initiated as to what they would like and the disregard of their bodies to a place where neither wanted to be is perhaps why the two spirits came together to plea for their true thoughts on what happened to them to be made public.   

Even as people may act in the life we know, their spirit can still have a memory and a feeling of righteousness.  It can be the pull which means in spirit they still have a fondness or a discourse towards a place, person or subject.  It was the building which in this circle brought a King, a female energy and many to come and talk of what was vital to them.  This same one location of palace, prison and tourist attraction.

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