Extraordinary physical materialisation medium.

Due to a Bank Holiday this week’s regular circle blog has had to be postponed; instead I would like to tell you of the importance of materialsation trance; and spirit physical which takes place in circle.  Helen Duncan (25 November 1897 – 6 December 1956).  She was a scottish medium.

1940s medium, Helen Duncan, had a super control Albert Stewart to which she received much aid and assistance.  It is with his help that this photo of spirit materialisation has been allowed to come into the open.

Spirit control, Albert, is vital as it is with a spirit aid that circle can take place and any physical evidenced.  Trust is integral, as just with Black Cloud and other spirit beings who assist in this particular attribute of spirit investigation it is only with their help that things are made possible.  Harry Edwards, the greatest healer and spiritualist, who wrote and supported, Helen Duncan also knew of the significance held in these notable individuals.  Spirit aids as such become the basis for spiritual love and investigation.  The playing with the toys and the light physical are yet new intervention from which spirit exhibit their being.

The questions which we put to them and the answers we receive, through physical, or in the line of circle all come with their help.  Devoted to helping spirit side, their assistance, is combined with responsibility and the patience which they offer to help with this plight.

Helen Victoria Duncan was born on 25 November 1898.  Helen passed to the spirit world in 1956 during December and only five weeks after the police had broken her state in trance.  It is during that trance deep level that mediums are notably left vulnerable and in a highly-sensitive condition.

Helen Duncan, an extraordinary medium, was nicknamed the “Blitz spiritualist” due to her work during WWII; she was able to hold meetings in which spirit could not only communicate their wish to the sitting but also show information by which events could be foretold; it was during one such occasion that a sailor materialised and wearing his naval cap with the letters HMS Barham told of the vessel and the fact that it had been sunk.  Not even the office at Government HQ had this news, it was because of this, and the fact that later this evidence was proved that Mrs Duncan was put under so much scrutiny.

In relation to the activity which was taking hold at the time, there were rumours, that prime minister and specifically Winston Churchill had been told of Helen Duncan.  Helen was viewed as a possible spy and because at the time the D-Day landings were to take place, it was agreed that Helen’s activities could be detrimental to the War front; especially so as the “passed over” service men kept appearing in Helen’s circle.

It was as a result of this that in 1944 Helen Duncan was taken to the Old Bailey in London to be heard under an early Witchcraft act of 1735.  The case was seen to cause controversy and distress.  The 40 witnesses and over 300 prepared people were ready to take the stand for Helen.  It was even deemed by many as the place where Helen could prove her mediumistic ability and having offered to run a circle in the court under strict conditions which would prove evidence; this was denied by the court and stigmatised as irrelivant to proceedings.  The whole case was a gross violation of the idea that one should be innocent until proven guilty.  With such trials acting under motives which were cloaked and hidden it was no wonder that the verdict did not recognise the act of spiritualism.

Helen Duncan showed that spiritualist work could be vivid and breath taking.  Her sittings gave way to the love and compassion she had.  Working to evidence not only physical.  Helen helped to give weight to the further look into what spirit can do.  By, helping to show that loved ones are close, Helen was one of the first medium’s to demonstrate full materialisation and through particular elements show that people could touch and see the spirit world.  Whilst these were important, it is also as an example, that we hold her work as paramount.  Helen, with such a close family, welcomed Albert, her spirit aid into her life and it was because of this that a unit was felt.  Spirit felt love in her circle, just as work progressed to new levels.  Obtaining physical in such circle and under such conditions is vital as it gives way to introducing a new aspect of spiritualism which people may not be aware, it also gives spiritual means a chance to extend a hand in a new direction.

This control, became so important to Helen Duncan and her family, that even her children could be aware of his presence and started to call him “Uncle Albert”.  His sounds could be heard through the ceiling, and also little Peggy Helen’s child spirit could also be felt in circle.

Despite the altercation and the reception, this medium, was able to re-open the investigation into spiritualism.  Her work and love combined to show that spirit can show their level and compassion.

In 1954 the British Act of Parliament saw spiritualism legalised as an actual religion.

This is something which Helen’s work and brutal suffering brought about.

Embracing loved ones, spirit is all centred, on the union of the soul and love.  This is something which Helen could show.

Quotes from The Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers
Q – What is spirit?A – SPIRIT is perfect in its origin, spirit possess intrinsically the creative forces of all life. Spirit is not subject to age, infirmity,wastage or to any of the defects that affect the physical body. The line of spirit evolution is from immaturity to maturity. Part of its evolution is accomplished through a physical body, which it has created for that purpose. Spirit is dominant, spirit is the king, spirit is the ruler. But here comes the paradox. There is an interaction between spirit, mind and body, and the body restricts the activity of the spirit on earth because the spirit can express itself on earth only through the body at its disposal.
Quotes from The Spirit Speaks…
The reason for communication is love, love governs communication, whether it be in the love founded on the realationship between people who know one another on earth, or the love of service and the desire to help mankind that attracts unknowns to one another.

Everything starts with love; love keeps everything live and it continues with love.  Nothing ever dies with love.

Pics are of a materialisation of spirit, an elderly man, in Helen’s circle; and if you look closely you will be able to see the attachment to a cord on the side of his head, also a pic of Helen Duncan and Silver Birch.