Exciting chair movement trance physical.

Attended the circle on 29th June 2011.  In this circle a glowing candle was placed into the containing box of the red light and with tightly drawn and pegged shut curtains; the door was firmly closed and everyone seated in their correct chairs.

At the start of the circle one of the circle members started with the drumming and then the opening piece was said.  People went down into trance and an almost instantaneous cool wind blew down only half a side of the room.  This was accompanied by a cool sense running across people’s arms and lower legs.

Placed on the table in the central location of the room was the bowl, two trumpets, a ring, toy car and small doll.  On the floor arranged was a wind toy, two larger dolls, a Native American mask, an abacus and a piece of paper and chalk.

Nothing was seen at first in the circle but the temperature seemed to cause a split in the room.  One side of the room felt cool and yet the other was distinctly hot to the point of an almost tingling sensation.  The middle of the room and surrounding the table also felt warm and when hands were placed nearby the same heat seemed to commence and dissipate.

About ten minutes into the circle the first spirit talked through a medium.  The spirit spoke about energies needed and beauty which existed in specific places, he also mentioned the subject of apports.  Intriguingly he claimed that even if an apport comes through into an empty room there is still a certain amount of energy which is needed by spirit to make this physical happen.  The spirit had a distinctly calm energy about him and it was this calm and quiet energy which led the next spirit to talk through another medium.  This time a female voice came into the circle with words to express how wonderful and calm the energy in the circle actually seemed to be and how even through watching the spirit wanted to come in and say how calm it was.

The first blue light to appear came over the table, quite small but visible.  The room was only lit from the one tiny candle however the one side of the room which was furthest away actually glowed as if an electric light had been switched on.  One of the sitters started to speak and it was at this point that the candle started to flicker.  The flickering started off lightly and then quickly became stronger until the whole room seemed to blank out on and off as the candle wick and the flame seemed to grow and elongate.  After that whenever any of the sitters spoke the candle flame appeared to respond by flickering in this same fashion but also growing in length until it became extraordinary to watch.  It was a while into the circle when the candle seemed to grow and extend even further.  Despite the actual candle sitting inside a box which gave it partial coverage the light and glow seemed to transform one side of the room particularly and at one point for no apparent other reason the wall on the side of the room took on a bright orange hue as if someone had brought in and switched on additional lighting, at that point all sitters appeared to blink at one another’s faces with astonishment as everybody’s face seemed to become visible.

On the side of the room which appeared light there was several flashes of colour and also quite a lot of what can only be stated as jerky movement from the wind chime hanging high from the ceiling.  It was in this same corner and half of the room that the air took on an unclear view.  Almost as if a white mist or veil was covering the room, but only until it came across part way of the table.

One of the sitters clairvoyantly saw animals who had passed and could be taken by the sitters in the circle.  Also smells seemed to radiate across half of the room, a saw dust smell and then aromas which hovered around the room and endeavoured to try to touch every sitter in the circle.

Water is handed out to members of the circle at the beginning of the session and it was at first noticed by one of the mediums that the drinks had taken on a metallic taste.  One of the sitters complained of a sharp taste coming from her drink whilst the leader of the circle also said her drink tasted strange but was actually bitter now.

The green light became visible across the top of the window.  In a strip across the closed curtain and in an otherwise dark room, apart from one small candle flame, the colour green poured into the room.  This was both brilliant and worth examination as the green was so vivid and had no other way of showing up in the room; one of the mediums then brought through words which she was seeing alongside clairvoyant images in the middle of the circle but it was as she put her arm out near the sitter in the corner that another medium also saw that energies in that corner of the room appeared to gather round the corner sitter.

It was clairvoyantly seen by two separate mediums the one sitter in the corner had three female mediums in spirit sitting with her.  Transfigured were her features as her face actually showed white.  This was wonderful but that was then accompanied by the discovery that her chair had also been moved back two steps.  The chairs in circle are ensured to all be difficult to move and thereby stay in one place throughout a circle, and it was apparent that not only the chair had moved but also the sitter in it.  All this movement took place under the wind chime which was jerking high above everyone on the ceiling.

People’s notice was drawn to the two trumpets which seemed to not only repel away from one another but also, as seen by three mediums simultaneously, link to one another and have what seemed like a white band between them.  One medium also had her feet raised from the ground prior to spirits speaking and confirming themselves to the circle.

Several clairvoyant spirits were seen along with the date of 1914.  Special scratching, almost scrabbling sounds could be partially heard at the back of peoples’ chairs along with tapping along the walls.

There was a drop in energy and movement and as the time was checked it was almost exactly the time that the trance circle should be drawn to a close.  With sitters brought out of their trance, the closing words were given and the light was switched on.  It was then that the doll on the table was noticed to have moved slightly but also a few seconds later an apport was clearly seen lying on the table.  The object was small and grey in colour and after examination by circle members was thought to resemble a bud or a flower like object.

It is both poignant and intriguing that the subject of apports was also raised by the first spirit to speak with circle. 

*Apports are objects which are brought into a room by spirits.