Evidencial trance and physical circle.

220px-Petersellers[1]220px-Oliver_Cromwell_by_Samuel_Cooper[1]220px-Wedding_day_photo_of_Paulina_Longworth_and_Alexander_McCormick_Sturm[1]220px-President_Theodore_Roosevelt,_1904[1]220px-Harry_secombe[1]Evidencial trance and physical circle.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical sitting on the 14th February 2013.  The only items to be situated in the circle were a table with crystal ball and two trumpets put on top.  The sitters all took their chairs and once seated the opening words were said and the sitting was officially begun. 

The temperature was the first significance interference that denoted spirit presence.  The normal temperature literally plummeted and within a few moments sitters could sense icy patches start to move along their legs, bodies and brushes of cold almost wet like fingers started to be felt along the shoulders and heads.

As the music on the player broke, hitched and then ceased all together notice was given to it and the sitters watched as the calm music which was supposed to ease sitters into trance actually turned itself down and then with no other explanation apart from the unseen hands of spirit the clicking noise began indicating that the music was either being interfered with or in the process of being ejected.    

As attention was focused on the music or lack of it lights began to move into the room.  The small disks of light, pale blue were seen to move gently almost touching some of the sitters.

The lights which came into the circle that evening are believed to be orbs.  The look of them and the process of how they slowly circled the sitters decisively flowing near to or beside the sitter that was then to have some spiritual activity also meant that they were examples of this kind of spiritual colour fluctuation.  Spirit voices were then heard to be in several alternative parts of the room.  It was a little perplexing at first as the whispering sound was heard on side of the room and then a few minutes later it was heard coming from another point.  The hushed almost muted tones of speech seemed to be from a number of people.  Then information was received, two sitters together said the name of Harry Edwards who was born a Spiritualist healer, Harry Edwards was born in May 1893 and passed in 1976 and more than this miraculously it was as one member of the sitting had just asked if a healing could be done for someone close who was in need of help that this man’s energy was seen.  Harry Edwards was notable for showing healing at the Royal Albert Hall and was president of the NFSH Federation of Spiritual Healers.  It was the word Royal Albert Hall which unbeknown at the time sitters heard mentioned by spirit and then a short few seconds later not satisfied with just evidencing physical appearance, this personal allusion to the Albert Hall was made by him.

Personal connections alongside particular names of places are important because they let spirit show who they are.  In circle spirit use the names of places, loved ones, important reference dates anniversaries and birthdays as proof of who they were, who they are trying to link to and why.  What took place in the next few seconds was to astound maybe the reason was as it related to the person who desperately needed healing and spirit wanted to show that they knew of it or it stunned that spirit could so poignantly come into circle and closely tie in with what was occurring but whilst the healing was just about to start the energy of the same person who needed this was seen and not only was her name accurately told of to the relative who sat in the sitting but also her essential information and what she considered important were mentioned by her.     

Talk of the child who had a medical condition and was the significant other other one who needed healing along with the appearance of how she looked came into the circle and before the healing started an immense sense of peace was given.  The sighting of the individual was integral to establishing the concept that even though the lady had not passed her spirit could come relating information to her Uncle and whilst in body she was slipping in and out of a coma she came in a form recognisable to those gathered in the séance e. The whole gathering was part of a healing from which many spirits gathered, numerous identities of loved ones came to talk to people and then Sir Harry Secombe born 8 September 1921 and passed in 11 April 2001 was to enter the room.  He was a Welsh born actor who during the process of clairvoyance came in with glasses which were not known of at the time but later found to indicate that during his time in the Territorial army Harry Secombe was found to be short sighted and learnt the test for his level of seeing things by heart.   It was whilst he was serving as Lance Bombardier No.132 Field regiment of the Royal Artillery that sight became so vital for him.  The two people to then be highlighted were Peter Sellers and Brigitte Bardot and it was apparently at the Windmill Theatre in 1946 that Jimmy Grafton who was Secombe’s agent introduced the two individuals and both Secombe and Sellers became firm friends who wanted to visually depict this friendship even in a less physical form.

Oliver Cromwell born 1566 until 1655 also made an appearance and wanted to be made note of as having come into the circle.

Valentine’s Day spirit message.

This part of circle was exceptional.  Prior to the circle it was inferred by one of the sitter’s quietly that it would be intriguing if spirit could help to show a link to Valentine’s and it was to be through the most unbelievable connection.

On feeling one of the chairs vibrating, the sitter sensed tremulous activity and exclaimed how it appeared as if the chair was rocking from side to side.  The rest of the circle could only take that sitter’s word for it so it was asked of spirit if they could evidence this activity in some other way and show this through some other means.  A few minutes later the table in the centre of the circle started to take up the same rocking movement.  Hands were placed of the table to feel it and the sitters watched with unveiled wonder as the whole table vibrated.  The trumpets on top were also slowly moving backward and forward.  The heart felt sense of the occasion was then to be captured by spirit.  The question had been heard by spirit and they were about to answer it in the most significant of routes.   One sitter looked up and said Roosevelt.  The 26th President of America, his sense was there and more why he had come was not known but it was noted.  Later when looking into the names for this blog of circle it was found that spirit had spoken and it was through Paulina Longworth Sturm Roosevelt.

Paulina was the granddaughter of President Roosevelt and born on 14 February 1925 she had a significant connection to Valentine’s Day but it was not just for this but because it was the same day that her grandmother Theodor Roosevelt’s first wife Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt and her great- grandmother Martha Bulloch Roosevelt passed to spirit 41 years earlier on 1884.

Not only did spirit provoke thought on Valentine’s evening it also showed that they can provide the most practical information.  Harry Secombe it was later found had an inscription on his tombstone which read to know him was to love him and Peter Sellers also was an actor who frequently starred in Romantic comedy but in true life was known to fall heavily in love.  All these personalities were part of a bigger theme of love, the heart proving that spirit wanted to be active on this loving day.  Physical activity was noticed not simply from the table which rocked, but from the music which was played with by spirit and the red light which shot up and down every time Harry Edward’s name was brought into circle.  

Pics are of Sir Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Paulina Longworth Sturm and Theodor Roosevelt 26th President of America.  Pics are taken from online encyclopaedia.