Evidence of life.

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The subjective question regarding life and the survival in spirit after death is one which is significant as it is at its heart the one topic which interrelates spirit, science and biology.

The whole idea of mediumship, of survival after death is one which causes strong divisive opinion, it mystifies and astounds but at its centre it is a phenomena which if investigated can open out the mind.

Science and spirit have throughout the historical world always stood as separate classified domains of thought.  One is claimed to either be a scholar of science or a philosopher of the soul.  It perplexes, provides pause for thought and has for many instigated a contention and point of no return.  The idea of an afterlife is a serious and most simple of summations although it can divide those of faith, science and spirit.

In essence it is not such a leap to come to a conclusion that there might be more that is in existence than has been documented or researched and that near death experiences or personal views of a hereafter or a plain of being may be mere rare glimpses into a process which binds human kind.  There is undoubtedly more in this world than can be quantified or made to fit into theories already evolved and instances which provide queries into exactly how they can be defined, the people who exhibit exceptional gifts and are labelled gifted individuals can at extremely early ages display profound talents in the arts which they should not be able to or by any reasonable practical means be naturally portraying.

Recent studies have pointed to explanations for mediums and their ability to relay messages from those who have passed.  The prevailing understanding being that the right temporal lobe which is responsible for the specific functions of belief modules in the brain is the chamber which allows for further sensitive retention of sight, comprehension of words and evaluation of memories and is highlighted as more developed areas in people who have mediumistic ability.  It is this part which controls our ability to reason, emotively respond to stimuli and is thought is the lobe in the cerebral cortex which in mediums reacts on a rapid level and enhances clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience in the seeing or reacting to the spirit of individuals and can be inferred has in part been a means for further assessment in that of Seattle children’s hospital and particularly the near death experiences of a number of children.

It is extremely unconventional but should be considered that a belief in an existence after death is one rational and defined outlook on a subject that has poignant but scientific basis.  It is not possible to divide science or spirit because differentiating between them is not only problematic as spirit and their instances of physical, definable messages and form are intertwined with a category that enables a blend of the two theories.

Perspectives on science establish a need for evaluation and evidence.  Spirit is a link and a tie to that which we know, personality and soul is not lost but the environment and the mode by which we continue may differ.  The evidence of spirit concludes the love of life is not abandoned when one passes neither is the passion for the individuals who are important but as recent investigations have provided an understanding of it is the form which takes shape in a new light and the brain and the functions of it which grow in giving us a better and more pivotal broaching of the concept of life after physical death.  Picture is taken from online encyclopaedia.