Deep trance.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 10th October 2011.  This was going to be a circle which helped to enhance our trance and the system of circle.  Holding a physical and trance circle can be difficult as it requires a sense of dedication and compassion.  The showing of physical is in no way a form of entertainment and is moreover a stunning demonstration of the potential of spirit.  The elements which make up a circle can be shown through many aspects, and none of them are to be taken lightly as every ounce of movement and vision is a huge effort and draw on energy.

The circle was arranged and as per necessary the two trumpets, the small doll (which has been a favourite with spirit), the toy car and the crystal ball were placed on top table.  Under the table were the two larger dolls, the native American mask, the abacus and the wind mill toy.

The curtains were tightly drawn, the front door was locked and latched, the hall door also ensured shut and the lights switched off.  The only light to be lit was the red light.  All the members took their seats.  The opening words were read and one of the members began with the drumming.  Not long after this drumming started the members all went down into trance and an intense calm and still set into the room.  It was as the drumming started to tap out the morsecode for the letter v for victory that the sitter noticed a difference to the way he started his drumming.  The members felt a cool chill filter through to the room and the circle was bathed in this cool breeze.  It is important to note this breeze seemed to effect the backs of the sitters whilst the front was warm.  The first spirit to join the circle was felt and the medium opened their mouth and the message came into the circle.  It was a word of how the circle seemed to call from a far and yet how this spirit wanted to speak of how the enteties had gathered and were endeavouring to build on this.  The energy was there to address the questions which he suggested the circle should bring.  The entities were gathering and the totem animals were present, a clear set of objectives was suggested.  If the circle could be clear minded about what they wished and provided clear sets of objectives then these could be worked towards.  It was very significant for there to be a focus and clear mindedness.  The spirit was ready to state that if anyone present in circle had any questions then they had to be clear about these queries; members were expected to focus and prepare themselves for what was to come.  Acknowledging that people on this side had many concerns and strains he suggested that if the level of maintenance in circle could be held and members work on this then spirit would also mirror efforts.  A barrier he said was being built by spirit; this barier would be round the circle.  Bringing the two worlds together was an achievement.

It was following this that members of circle seemed to fall into a united trance, being that everyone’s breath was taken in and blown out in a similar fashion.  The energy was different.  Breaths were seemingly important.  The next spirit to address and make contact with the circle spoke of this.  It is, he said, as the breaths were taken in and upon this that stability manifested and on the outtake that actions took place.  The set of belief which is in number many, he said, was not the special factor, it was the faith and the fact of what makes someone who they are that is the important factor.  People are in need of love and compassion.  Channelling the healing and being able to take this is not purely based on how righteous or how in line with one’s faith someone believes themselves to be, for plants and some animals all receive healing and are not in a constructed set of belief systems.   The spirit spoke with conviction and emotion.  With wisdom he stated that behind every action and spoken word is a thought and if this thought could only be backed up with love the world would be much more harmonious and this would be the greatest healing of all.  

Physical activity started to take place as the red light shot up and dipped several times.  This was in itself a stunning feat.  The shadows in the room seemed to fill out.  A white mist also started to fill part of the room and grow thicker.

There was however a part of the room which seemed to focus activity.  A growling noise started at the beginning of the circle in the corner and then a little later a grumbling appeared to grow in the part of the room.  There was much overshadowing and transfigeration. That side of the room was darker and it was as the shadows grew that the following spirit started to emit sounds from one of the sitters.  The spirit to speak had a statement to make about the number of energies which had gathered in the room and the sheer difference.  There were many notably different energies.

Blue Feathers were seen and following this the figure of Blue Feather was witnessed.  One of the circle guides along with a native two feathered gentleman who was seen.  A large bear was formed clear and visual beside one of the mediums and after confirmation it was noted this was one of her guides called Standing Bear. 

  For all the friends who have followed this blog and know of the circle connection with Sitting Bull; the native American man on horseback seen in circle thanks to reference can now be stated as Crazy Horse.  Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse both unite through their epic battle of the Little Bighorn and their link to Montana in the Summer of 1876.  Crazy Horse or Tashunke Witko (1849-1877) Ogeala Sioux leader was renowned for his fearless, confidence.  In his mid-twenties he was revered for his passion and desire to lead the people into not abandoning their sacred hunting grounds.

Standing Bear was a fearless figure who can now after research be known as a resounding Chief of the Ponca tribe.  Standing Bear lived in northern Nebraska and was in the 1870s most known for his reversing of the negative actions against his people. 

Standing Bear was a member and led as of the Ponca Indians, a small tribe of what about 800 or 900.  He was a figure who was noted, also led as chief and was geographically in the region of the Niobrara River when it enters the Missouri River.  He is a symbol of the fight for Native American rights.

As such, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Standing Bear are all individual spiritual figures who had special standing in what they felt to be true.  Their connection and why they appeared in form to circle was through this shared desire.       

The animals present in the circle started to grow, as a cat was seen, and then wolf like shape.

There were distinct taps and sounds which grew behind the sitters.  At one point a strange dropping sound came from the ceiling.  Following this an echo of shuffles and taps came from the hall.

Blue orbs were seen.  The little rounds of light shone above members.

 There were also many intriguing clairvoyant scenes shown to the members from the medieval era.  This was accompanied by dates.

The dates of 1400s was given.   Different figures were clairvoyantly seen including Joan of Arc and who lived from 1412 to 1431 which explains the year and who also fought for a truth.  This visitation is linked with specific others who all led their people in what they believed; this was fought against invaders of their lands.  As so an angel was also seen by a member who could state the feeling of compassion that was brought to the circle and demonstrated the link with warriors who believed in a truth.

As the circle drew to finishing, the closing words were read and the lights switched back on.  It was there and then we saw the movement in the doll and the native American mask had been moved slightly.  It was however on opening the door that it became evident that the sounds heard were because physical had moved to make its impression on the latch which for the second time only had now been moved to being open and unlocked.       

Picture above please note as Chief Crazy Horse.

Pics taken from online encyclopaedia. 

Picture third from top is of Standing Bear of the Ponca.

Pics of Crazy Horse also taken from