Level Two. Why not?

Level Two – Why not?

By Michelle Lloyd.

Sammy had been told to give things a try,

go on and experience without questioning why.

Sammy found it hard to give this attitude a go,

he did not like to venture into things he did not know.

Why not do this or even that?  He was asked,

Sammy had lots of reasons why he would not do the task.

It was not because he did not want to try,

he just got himself stuck in a rut of overthinking and asking why.

Why should he do something he did not know?

Why would he give up the familiar to give something else a go?

Giving in to their pleas Sammy took up what they did ask,

solemnly he went about this Why Not task.

It was not too long before Sammy was doing all sorts he had never done before,

incredibly exciting it meant that his routines were no longer a bore.

Sammy learnt that replacing why with why not was not so bad,

it had meant that he could have some experiences that he had never had.