Level Two. Who knew?

Level Two – Who knew?

By Michelle Lloyd.

Otto the owlet was a student owl and top of his class,

but there was sure a lot to learn and many exams to pass.

Who knew, was generally his response to what he did learn,

and in finding an answer to a problem much credit he did earn.

Otto soon learnt who knew what was where and how it mattered to him,

Otto’s knowledge kept growing and it just did not dim.

What made Otto a one-off was how he went about his task,

he did not worry about how many questions he had to ask.

While owlet friends went off in a hurry to do what they thought they should,

Owlet Otto would think of all the possibilities of the word could…

I could do this if…I could do that when…was what the owlets would say,

but for Otto this was not enough and he knew he had to go his own way.

Careful was Otto as he would look at what he needed to do,

and much he would learn along the way as he exclaimed of this who knew?

Who knew where to go to get the needed shelter at the right time,

Otto would find this out and put this in a learned lesson line.

His knowledge on who knew what for Otto did grow,

and all too soon Otto had a lot for his learning to show.

Owlet Otto became the need to go to owl for many forest friends he knew,

easily he showed the way to owlets and soon their own knowledge grew.

Owlet Otto learnt that who knew what was an important lesson to know,

it meant that he could flourish in the forest in his own owlet show.