Level Two. What Does it Mean?

Level Two. What Does it Mean?

By Michelle Lloyd.

Questions, they came in all shapes and sizes.  Big queries and little ponderings, they could all lead to intriguing answers and sometimes a few dilemmas…

New One had long learnt that questions should be asked, because from them could come life lessons and realisations.  Even Lana, his dog, had learnt that a gentle nudge forward to a strange object and a slight tilt of the head in curiosity could earn her a hand out of what would otherwise have been a difficult situation.

New One liked to learn and even more than this, he was eager to find out what does this or that mean?  The answers influenced his thoughts and what he felt he could then do about it.

On one occasion New One had been out on a walk with Lana when they came across an abandoned bike.  The rider was nowhere to be seen but laid across the pavement at an odd angle was the bicycle and New One, his Dad and Lana all thought it very strange indeed.

It took a quick inspection of the actual bike and then a little look around for anyone to give them an answer as for nothing being visible to explain what had happened.  It was then that everyone gave each other a What Does it Mean look, because the answer of do not know was not very satisfactory.

New One’s Dad was about to say that they should probably leave the bike where it was and move on when Lana pricked up her ears and started to make pulling motions over to a nearby shrub.  New One who trusted her implicitly let her lead them.  It was as they got closer that they could hear the crying.

New One’s Dad went to look and sure enough he came out with a young rider who had a limp and an expression of bewilderment.  Before any more questions could get asked, frantic shouts could be heard and all too soon a relieved but anxious looking parent and a few other lookers-on had surrounded them.

Apparently the young rider had rode on a little too quickly and left their parent racing behind them.  The get away learner had only then gone on and had a bit of a crash landing.  Thanks to the questioning and awareness of Lana, all was well and despite a bit of a telling-off for one red faced rider, everyone felt that a crisis had been avoided.