Level Two. Up and Down.

Level Two. Up and Down.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Happy R V felt most of the time, but he had endured a few experiences in life that had left him unsure.  When he had been told that the family was to be getting a new brother, that had been a difficult time.  R V had been ultimately happy about the news, but with it there had been a few doubts, because actually he had not ever had a brother before and he did not know what to truly expect.

It was not so much the situation R V’s Mum had explained to him, but how one dealt with what had been a fear or troubling scenario, that could be important.  R V had tried to learn this lesson, but really it had been a tough one to take to heart.

At school New One and Little Herbert, R V’s two friends, had been quick to engage him in the activities that had most recently taken place.  R V, himself, had been ill with a cold and had been forced to take some time off from school.  The catch up and get back into the routine was an important part of the school day for R V.

It was about mid-way through the morning when R V, who had been told that he might get a bit tired after getting back into the school routine, started to feel ill.  It had been a bad cold that had seen him out of action and R V had not liked the experience at all.  Being told to stay off school would have been all right, if it had meant that he still could have seen his friends or been allowed to feel himself… but none of that for that time of sickness had been possible.  Instead R V who had missed his friends and routine found himself now being able to look happily at New One and Little Herbert, who were both at their desks and were all looking forward to their break.

R V felt progressively worse as the morning went on but silent he kept about it, for fear of disappointing his day or his friends he remained quiet and queasy.  This went on to near the end of class, that was when R V’s stomach decided that actually it was going to make an announcement of it’s own, even if no one else was going to say anything about it…

Horrible was the experience that occurred and saw poor R V sent to the school nurse.  Promptly he was collected by his Mum and much to the dismay of his two friends, taken home.  On the journey R V’s Mum questioned him on why he had not told her earlier about not having felt well.  R V was embarrassed about it all but he finally had to confess his fears.  R V’s Mum shot him a compassionate look.  She explained that just as when they had the arrival of Dillon, R V’s brother, fears could certainly be unfounded and it was always far more important to talk about what was feared rather than let the situation go on badly.  Even though R V had not been able to act as would have been best for him earlier, it was still important that he do what was right now and that was to rest and get better, because really that was what his friends wanted.

R V thought about what had happened on his way home and he had to admit that actually keeping quiet about his having been ill, it had made it worse for New One and Little Herbert.  When he got home he promised to rest properly and after having let everyone know that he was on the road to recovery, that was exactly what he did.