Level Two. Too Much?

Level Two. Too Much?

By Michelle Lloyd.

How much was too much?  R V was someone who was well aware or usually well aware of what was being indulged in and how he was involved in any given activity.  This was an asset or so he thought…

New One and Little Herbert had been involved in a very hard day.  At school they had experienced, what they both felt as more than their fair share of subjects and information.  It was their right they believed to have a bit of time off and give in to their basic needs (which for them included snacks, race tracks on their handheld distractions, which were also their passions in life.)

It was just as they had laid everything out and gotten into position to get the most out of their relax and regroup session that their guest arrived at the door.  New One’s Mum showed R V into the boys’ room and after all the hellos, the fun commenced…

Snacks were consumed, games were played and race tracks were conquered but after a while R V thought that maybe he should say something about the time.  After all, it had gotten late and he knew that none of them had done any of the homework that they had been assigned.  It was a dilemma though because while on the one hand he knew that maybe it was too much of a good thing to keep playing, he was absolutely sure that telling his friends that would not earn him too much of a reward in their good books.  He sat there, not saying anything but not getting involved in their game completely either, and his lack of enthusiasm did not go unnoticed.

Having had to explain his lack of attention R V felt relieved when New One’s Mum came in to tell them that it was time to turn games off and turn their minds to the matter of homework.  That evening R V was more confused than ever.  Was it too much for him to say anything if he noticed that there was too much of something going on?  Should he have done sometime about it before they had been told, but then what would that have meant for what others thought about him?  Before long it all got a bit too much for R V himself.

R V’s parents noticed that he was abnormally quiet and they asked him what was wrong.  The issue of too much and when it was too much and when he should do something about it came up.  Too much it turned out was one thing in theory but quite another in reality because as it was explained, as long as one understood what was too much for them then they had to balance it out with a bit of a compromise practically speaking.  If, for example R V noticed that he felt something was too excessive then he could say or do something about it but balance it out with what was happening at the time.  When he thought about it, R V realised that compromise could actually mean that he could be in control and aware of what was right for him.  It was a win-win.