Level Two. Time in the day.

Level Two – Time in the day.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Time was something that was important to Little Herbert’s Dad,

he ran his toy shop on his own and a lot of time was not something he had.

Little Herbert soon learnt that his Dad worked a lot,

he had gotten used to this fact since he was a tiny tot.


Little Herbert’s Dad was a man of his word,

“You should always act on what you promise.”  This phrase Little Herbert often heard.

It was true to say that Little Herbert loved his Dad,

but when he had to be away from him for so long that did make him sad.

The toy shop was always so well run,

but there was not a lot of time for Little Herbert and his Dad to have any fun.

There never seemed to be enough time in the day,

for Little Herbert and his Dad to do anything more than a few sentences say.

Before he knew it they were off to work or school,

Little Herbert hardly saw his Dad and he felt this was no way for his life to be ruled.


Little Herbert had tried to his Dad to say,

that it would be good if on one occasion it could be their day.

A day when all they had to do was with each other be,

think of all the things they could do and with each other go and see.

Little Herbert’s Dad had said that he promised one day he would try,

but nothing had happened and in his heart Little Herbert had to wonder why.

All other promises Little Herbert’s Dad would make real,

but on his unanswered promise he had a hurt that would not heal.


One day Little Herbert saw his Dad acting slightly odd,

he was talking to someone in his shop and when they saw him they gave each other a nod.

Little Herbert did not know what it all meant,

he did not have too much time to think about it before he was off to school sent.


Most days when school finished Little Herbert would be taken home by parents of a friend,

Little Herbert’s Dad would with them instruction on his care send.

He knew he was loved and of that he was sure,

but he seemed to be the only child who thought a toy shop could be a bit of a bore.

To all children at the shop toys were the only thing they could see,

but to Little Herbert he thought of his Dad who was so often stuck there and not free.


Little Herbert watched as children were taken home by a loving Mum or Dad,

he knew the toy shop was important but for him this was the reason why he was sad.

Little Herbert watched as R V’s Mum walked over, he would be going with her he thought,

but then someone appeared at the school and his attention caught.


Little Herbert was shocked to be collected by his own Dad,

he had a sense something good was happening and no longer did he feel so sad.

Little Herbert’s Dad took him out for dinner and to him he did explain,

he understood Little Herbert was sad and things for them were not going to be the same.

The two had a super dinner and Little Herbert for once had time with his Dad to play,

they were not doing toy shop stuff but had time with each other in the day.

Little Herbert’s Dad said the toy shop had been doing well,

he had taken on someone with him to work and at this Little Herbert’s heart did swell.

He knew that his Dad had on his own phrase come true,

“You should always act on what you promise.”  A something Little Herbert’s heart knew.