Level Two. That is not the same.

Level Two – That is not the same.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It was reassuring, it was simple and it was how it was supposed to be.  When New One could do what he was used to, then everything seemed fine with him.  It was the same with him wherever he went, whatever he did and if he got to do it the almost exact way as before then he was sure of success.

New One was not particularly difficult.  He was known to try to do what his parents told him and at school he hardly had any problems.  New One felt he could do well if he knew what he was doing and that was why he liked to do things the same way.

New One knew what he liked and he liked what he knew.  That was not a problem or it had not been a problem until the day of the alteration…

When his parents had tried to get him to alter from what he knew before New One had been far from reassured about it all and for a while he had attempted to alternate but then slowly the old ways came back in to the new routine.  New One found that once again, on his way to school, he was asked to confront a situation that he did not like and not like one bit.

On getting to his school New One found that instead of being dropped off as per usual, his Mum was not going anywhere.  New One watched with slight trepidation as he saw her chatting, seemingly unassumingly with his class teacher.  There did not seem anything too bad about the situation, but that was to the untrained eye and for New One who thought of himself as experienced in these kind of matters there was a lot more to this whole scene than anyone else may have at first known.

Despite his efforts New One could not find out what his Mum and teacher were chatting about and it took till he got home for him to hear about the news of what was to happen at school.  When New One finally did hear he was absolutely certain that he had been better off before because the news was not, according to him, positive.

Building work was to go on at New One’s school and there was to be classes held elsewhere until the alterations were finished.  New One was not happy.  He knew where the alternative location for classes would be and it would mean he would have to go further to get to all the places that he liked to go, walk further and generally he was going to be put out.  It did not matter to him that everyone else would have to have the same problem, New One was not going to go to the alternatively located classes and he was not going to go to school at all.

When the classes started in the alternative, designated location New One found himself sitting in and exactly where he did not want to be.  His parents had tried to talk him out of his protest and into the idea of how he had to go to school whether he liked it or not.  It had come to be that New One far from finding that either of them had been right about him getting used to the adjustment, he was nearly forever having to point out to anyone who would listen that this was not the same and that was not the same.  No one seemed happy about it and that made poor New One’s situation worse.

It went on like this for what seemed to New One an absolute age but then one evening everything seemed to alter and this time it was not for the worse.  That evening was different and for New One, this kind of different he liked, because it meant getting to have time with Grandma.

Grandma was wise and everyone knew that.  New One loved listening to her and even Lana dog would slow down and seemed attentive to what Grandma said.  Grandma, it seemed, had heard all about the difficulties that he had experienced at school and so it was that she could tell him all about her own differential dilemma.

Grandma had been a know it and love it type of gal.  She would only frequent the places she knew she loved and so that routine had been her life until one day her favourite café had closed for repairs.  Grandma had been beside herself because not going to that café for her lunch would mean that everything would differ.  Her day had to alter and no longer could she meet up with the same people at that place for her school break.  It was a sad situation for her and that went on right up to when Grandma had gone back to school only to hear about another café that she would not ever have thought of going to before.  The café closing for a short while meant that she got to try this other place out and it was there that Grandma saw Grandpa properly for the first time.  New One could not help but love hearing what she had lived through and he felt because of what she said that sometimes an alteration could be ok, it had been how his Grandparents had met and even if it was not the same as before he came to the conclusion that it could be a positive influence on what could be.