Level Two. Ta Da!

Level Two. Ta Da!

By Michelle Lloyd.

Special days were lovely, such important occasions as birthdays and anniversaries could mean lots of memory making moments.  Sammy decided that on this occasion he would keep his gift idea for his grandma a surprise.  He knew that this was a bit of a risk because his parents had asked him several times if he could tell them what it was that he had saved his pocket money for and this was because of approval purposes, but no he decided to go it alone and take the element of surprise with him.

It came all too quickly and before he knew it the pomp and ceremony had been dispatched with and Sammy had been pushed forward to do his reveal bit… coughing, fidgeting and finally knowing that he had to do the deed, Sammy passed the parcel over to his awaiting grandma.

It seemed to take an age for grandma to open her gift and even longer to wait for her reaction.  Finally, after ages and ages Sammy saw the look that he thought of as a good sign… a smile and then laughter…

Unfortunately Sammy’s parents response had not been so positive.  Neither had thought that a balloon animal making kit appropriate for grandma and least because she would not have the puff to get the balloons going in the first place.  Poor Sammy felt absolutely crestfallen because he had loved the idea of it.

Before he could become too disappointed, Sammy’s grandmother intervened and exclaimed that actually it was the perfect present.  She had been looking for an activity that they could do together and while Sammy could do all the exertion of the blowing up of the balloons, she could get all creative with the instructions for the animal designs.

Relieved and feeling justified in his choice, Sammy hugged his grandmother.  Having taken up the position of chief animal design picker, grandma and Sammy showed everybody that it was not always what was received that was important but what one did with it.  Even Sammy’s parents had to concede that as they watched their eager, smiling and concentrated faces at work, the objective of the gift had not been too bad after all.